The autumn timeless nurse - how it works!

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Autumn time lots are blooming in September

The autumnal timers bloom in September and are often mistaken for a crocus. Until October, and sometimes longer, they can give the garden a fresh color, but you have to Cultivate the autumnal season.

The right location is important
Herbstzeitlose want a sunny location and are nutrient-rich, moist and calcareous soils. That's why they thrive very well on meadows and on embankments. In addition, the location must also be protected from the wind. When these conditions are met, the plant spreads very quickly.

The Herbstzeitlose grows from an onion and therefore the cultivation is very simple. For this you just have to put the onion five to ten centimeters deep into the soil, whereby an increase of seeds is possible. However, this takes longer.

So plant the autumn timeless
The best way to plant the Herbstzeitlosen in July or August. The planting distance should be 10 to 25 centimeters. You also need a uniformly wet soil, which is why you have to water the plants even in the fall when it is not raining.

After flowering, transpose
If the plant is bloomed, then you can implement them. Before you should let it bloom. However, caution is advised, because the plants should only be handled with gardening gloves, as they are slightly toxic.

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