Autumn flowers: Colorful flowers against the autumn depression

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Autumn flowers are the best remedy for autumn depressions with their colorful flowers. Gray and sad - that does not have to be in the dark season either. We present you some plants that you can use even at the end of the year for color accents on your balcony or in your garden.

Autumn flowers for the balcony

The summery balcony planting has withered and removed, the remaining tubs partly already winterized. Not a pretty sight, but at the same time you have plenty of room for new plants. Our planting tips for the balcony:


Migon Dahlia 'Schloss Rheinbeck'

The Migon Dahlia 'Schloss Rheinbeck' enchants with its orange-red flowers until well into autumn

Dahlias (Dahlia) are excellent autumn flowers, easy to care for and true perennial. Small to medium-sized varieties can be kept in planters very well - and bring color to your balcony until the first frost. We recommend mignon dahlias, cervical dahlias or ball and pompon dahlias.


Chrysanthemums are the ideal autumn flowers

Chrysanthemums are the ideal autumn flowers and are also very good in the company of pumpkins

Year by year there are more hardy chrysanthemums (Chrysanthemum) in the trade. They are characterized mainly by intense autumn colors and a long flowering period. Varieties like the fresh yellow 'Citronella', the dark pink 'Schweizerland' or the orange yellow 'Bienchen' are blooming in November and give your balcony a colorful touch towards the end of the year.


The autumn master brings a long time to the balcony

The Herbstaster brings a long time to your balcony

Without asters, the garden or balcony simply lacks something in the fall - the perennials are almost among the classics among the autumn flowers. In September, the purple 'indigo' or the pink 'zircon' delight plant lovers; until well into October, varieties such as 'Azurite' (purple) or 'Purple Diamond' (purple) provide for a better mood. The flowers of the perennials show up only when the temperatures are low and on most balconies already light desolation broadens.

Heathland (Erica)

Erica tetralix

Bells-heath (Erica gracilis) is frost-resistant and flowers until December

Heath species such as the bell-heath (Erica gracilis) bloom from September to December - a true bright spot in the dark season! They thrive very well in trays or window boxes, but can also be planted in the garden bed.


Bearded flower (Caryopteris)

The bearded flower needs a sunny spot in the garden and retaliates with bright blue flowers until November

The bearded flower (Caryopteris x clandonensis 'Heavenly Blue') has a beautiful leaf color and extra large blue flowers. The dense and upright growing small shrub from the Verbenaceae family blooms until November.

Autumn flowers for the garden

The garden season is coming to an end and exhausting itself in endless leafy tractions. So that the mood does not slip towards the autumn depression, here are our late-flowering recommendations for your garden.

October saxifrage

October Saxifrage Saxifraga cortusifolia var. Fortunei

The filigree flower veils of the October saxifrage bring light into your garden

The October saxifrage (Saxifraga cortusifolia var. Fortunei) also provides subtle color accents in late autumn. The Asia-derived "Octoberle", as the plant is colloquially known, develops white flower veils, which give the garden a light coat. The October saxifrage prefers a sheltered spot in the shade and is very cold-resistant.

Autumn monkshood

Autumn hat Aconitum carmichaelli

The autumn-iron hat lives up to its name and shows its violet-blue flowers in autumn

A popular, though poisonous, and very beautiful autumn flower for the garden is the autumn-iron-hat (Aconitum carmichaelii 'Arendsii'). From September to at least October purple-blue flowers adorn the perennial. It requires humus and nutrient-rich soils and grows upright up to 100 centimeters high.

High Fetthenne 'Herbstfreude'

High Fetthenne 'Herbstfreude'

The Hohe Fetthenne 'Herbstfreude' ensures good mood in the bed

Among the autumn flowers, the High Fetthenne 'Herbstfreude', a Sedum Telephium hybrid, must not be missing. The perennial belongs to the succulents and is particularly robust. It forms large umbellate flowers with many star-shaped single flowers, which gives it a wonderfully bushy and vital appearance. It offers a beautiful sight even after flowering throughout the winter, leaving the flowering umbels on the plant.

Japan misalignment Journal

Japan slander Begonia grandis subsp. evansiana

The Japanese oblique leaf is particularly suitable for dark corners in the garden

The East Asian Japanese Sycamore (Begonia grandis ssp. Evansiana) is a perennial begonia that brings color into your garden until November.It grows in shady locations and brings with its white to delicate pink flowers light into dark corners. Her foliage also takes on a golden yellow color in autumn.

White toadstalk

Toadflax Linaria purpurea 'Springside White'

The white toadflax (Linaria purpurea 'Alba') has a very long flowering time, which in good conditions can go beyond October. It prefers a sunny spot in the garden and humus- and nutrient-rich soils. The flower decoration of the flax herb is filigree-elegant and extremely graceful.

The white toadflax (Linaria purpurea 'Alba') has a very long flowering time, which in good conditions can go beyond October. It prefers a sunny spot in the garden and humus- and nutrient-rich soils. The flower decoration of the flax herb is filigree-elegant and extremely graceful.

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