Autumn planting for graves - heath and 6 popular alternatives

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Even in autumn, no grave must look drab and unadorned. However, one has to differentiate between planting only for the respective season, or mostly choosing plants that can stand all year round. In the second variant, usually only one bowl of suitable plants is added to the already existing ones.
Undoubtedly, heather plants with their distinctive colors are ideal for grave planting. They are available in many shining reds and in white. Some varieties are perennial, so survive the winter unscathed and bloom again next year. But they have to be cut back. The hardy broom heath is especially popular as a bud bloomer. You should not plant too many heather plants on a grave, because they are not very decorative outside the flowering season.
1. chrysanthemums and asters
Chrysanthemums and asters are thankful and easy-care flowers that bring a lot of color to a grave. However, one should be careful to select only small remaining varieties. Some of the perennials are one meter high and higher. Chrysanthemums are suitable for transplanting directly to the grave, as well as for planting in trays and pots.

  • suitable small asters are e.g. Aster alpinus' Albus' (white), Aster alpinus' Dark Beauty '(light purple), and dwarf larvae like Aster x dumosus' Apollo' (white), Aster x dumosus' Eye-willow '(blue), Aster x dumosus' Blue Lagoon ( dark purple), Aster x dumosus 'Blue Dwarf' (light blue) and others.
  • A matching chrysanthemum that stays below 50 cm in height is chrysanthemum x hort. 'Orchid Helen' (lilac pink filled)
2. small grasses
Grasses are suitable for year-round grave design, but can also be used seasonally. They are always good to look at. Favorable are hardy genera such as sedges or Schwingel species. They require little care and are very grateful. In the fall many grasses are blooming. When the blades are swinging in the wind, it looks especially good. The grasses should not be too high!
  • suitable varieties are: Plattendgras (Chasmanthium latifolium), Japanese Redgrass (Imperata cylindrica) 'Red Baron', whistling grass (Molinia), Blue-winged grass (Festuca cinerea), Fox-red sedge (Carex buchananii), Japan-sedge (Carex morrowii), Kalmus (Acorus Gramineus 'Argentostriatus'), Spiny Fescue (Festuca punktoria), Small Lamprey Grass (Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Little Bunny') and others.

3. Buntlaubige foliage plants
The fall is the time of the buntlaubigen leaf shrubs, like the Heuchera (purple bell) and Hosta (Funkie). They convince less by their flowers than by their strikingly colored leaves. It is favorable that many varieties can cope well even with problematic locations. You do not need much sun. However, some varieties do not like too much sun.
  • suitable heuchera are: Heuchera x cultorum 'Obsidian' (dark red, almost black foliage), Heuchera x cultorum 'Prince of Silver' (silver foliage and intense foliage), Heuchera x cultorum 'Swirling Fantasy' (silvery-brown foliage), Heuchera x micrantha 'Palce Purple' (brown-brown, from below rosy carmine), and many others.
  • suitable host plants: Hosta Hybr. 'Golden Tiara' (Small Gelbrandfunkie, small low clumps), Hosta Hybr. 'Hydon Sunset' (small yellow-green Funkie), Hosta Hybr. 'Pandora's Box, dwarf radio with green foliage and white center) and others. The size of the clumps and leaves should be taken into account in the funcios. Some varieties are very lush, too large, especially for urn graves.
4. Pansies and hornbills
Pansies and horned violets bring a lot of color to a grave. Whether planted or in planters, they are ideal as an autumn decoration. They will be offered numerous again in autumn. They tolerate frost and snow quite well, but should be protected so they can survive the winter well. In autumn, they diligently blossom, in winter they rest and in spring they are one of the first flowers to grow and bloom again. Pansies and horned filberts are easy to care for and undemanding.
5th cyclamen
Also cyclamen (cyclamen) are ideal for the autumn planting. The bright colors last a long time. Even mild frosts survive the plants especially the small-flowered specimens well. In stronger frost, the flower ends. Colored with other autumn blossoms, cyclamen are good partners.
6. Shrub Veronica
Shrub Veronica, also called Hebe, is ideal for grave planting. There are many different varieties, so you have a good selection. The plants are blooming in autumn. Since they also have very beautiful foliage and are evergreen, they are recommended for all-season planting. You have to pay attention to choosing a variety that does not get too big, especially in urn graves.
There are a lot of alternatives to heather plants. All in all, the autumn planting is very colorful.In order to harmonize the most diverse plants, one must pay attention to the color composition when buying, otherwise it will quickly become too colorful and the grave looks overloaded!

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