Autumn planting for pots and tubs

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When the summer comes to an end, it's time to change the garden, balcony and terrace for the second season. We introduce you to some of the most beautiful autumn plants for pots and tubs.

That's not to say it would be boring in the beds, pots and tubs, quite the opposite, as the varied assortment of the autumn planting collection proves: Elegant leaf artists, graceful flower beauties and dynamic grass star attract everyone with their self-confidence and presence Bann, but they do not need to show each other the show or show their diva.

Autumn beauties like chrysanthemum

Atmospheric in a small space: The magnificent chrysanthemum is just one of many autumn beauties here. Star moss, ivy and purple bells complement each other perfectly in growth and color, with a rusty-colored sedge in between to provide additional dynamics

Fully aware of their own beauty, they further emphasize the benefits of their autumnal planting partners - knowing that the eye of the beholder will also return to them. And over and over again, because the plants remain attractive until far into the winter - the one, since they are always evergreen or wintergreen, the others, because their inflorescences even in a dry state have a very attractive effect.

Flower vessels in warm purple tones

Warm purplish tones, such as purple bells, fat hen and chrysanthemums, dominate the elegant, distributed over several vessels plant society. In between, leadwort and bearded flower shine in bright blue

The Fetthenne 'Herbstfreude' (Sedum hybrid), for example, thrilled with fleshy-succulent leaves and umbrella-shaped flower plates, which change their color in the flowering of tender white-green to rich purple and are very popular with bees. They bring structure into the plantation even after the flowering period, which is why they will not be cut back until next spring. Purple bells (Heuchera hybrids), on the other hand, delight throughout the winter with their attractive foliage, which is available in a variety of colors, from bright amber to glowing burgundy. In between, grass fountains, such as the green and white striped sedge 'Evereste' (Carex) are reminiscent of a glittering New Year's Eve fireworks display.

Planting and care

Autumn arrangements with bronze vessels

Bronze accents, whether through planters or the plants themselves, autumn arrangements are good to face. The clearer the vessel shape, the more diversified the planting may be

All species of the autumn planting range grow both in the sun and in the shade and thrive in normal potting soil. Planted from August to October they have enough time to root before the winter. In the bed you need the winter over no care, in pots and pots you should pour the autumn plants on frost-free days regularly, as they continue to evaporate water - simple fingering with your finger shows whether the earth is still wet or replenishment is necessary. The best autumn and winter effect is achieved by dense planting.
Tip: If individual pots become too big in the next year, they simply move into the garden and leave their place in the planter again the summer flowers.

Video Board: How to plant an outdoor winter container.

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