Autumn terrace in bright colors

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For many people, autumn is not popular. The days are getting shorter and colder and the long dark winter is just around the corner. As a gardener you can win the supposedly dreary season but quite something - because it is amazingly colorful! If you would like to design the balcony or the terrace once again to suit the season, you can make use of the colorful assortment of autumn chrysanthemums to your heart's content.

The colorful flower wonders are now offered everywhere and can be beautifully combined with bright red ornamental grasses such as the Japanese blood grass (Imperata cylindrica) and the countless leaf jewelry varieties of purple bells (Heuchera). Compact growing autumn asters for the pot expand the predominantly yellow-orange-red color palette of the related chrysanthemums into blue and violet tones.

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Clay box with sedge, broom heath, peat myrtle and ivy

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Autumn terrace in bright colors: terrace

Autumn terrace in bright colors: colors

Autumn terrace in bright colors: autumn


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Autumn Terrace

Autumn terrace in bright colors: autumn

The temperatures are sinking, the sky is often gray and rainy: Now we need cosiness in the form of warm candlelight. The Steck-Windlichter are a nice eye-catcher in the sound box with broom heath, sedge, peat myrtle and ivy

Autumn terrace in bright colors: terrace

Pumpkins from the garden, autumn chrysanthemums, red cyclamen, blackberry (Gaultheria) and heather line the staircase next to the patio bed. Threaten the first minus degrees, put the late bloomer in the house overnight or cover the plants with a thin winter fleece

Autumn terrace in bright colors: bright

With a thin binding wire, you can make a decorative garland from colorful autumn leaves, which decorates the terrace as table decoration or beautifies the entrance to the house as a door arch. Orange-red rosehip branches provide more fullness. Even fruits of snowball and mountain ash and Chinese lantern flowers can be wonderfully woven

Autumn terrace in bright colors: bright

With its spectacular red autumn color, the hardy Japanese fan maple 'Osakazuki' (Acerpalmatum) is the most attractive and popular variety. Also as a potted wood he gets along well. Good drainage is essential to prevent waterlogging. The annual growth is about 20 centimeters, the shrub is fully grown four to five feet high

Autumn terrace in bright colors: terrace

Creative hobbyists always have new ideas, especially in the fall, when fruits, berries and colorful leaves are available on the doorstep in large numbers. This natural table decoration was summarily summoned from many orange physalis lanterns, rose hips, cones, nuts and autumn leaves

Autumn terrace in bright colors: autumn

Under the yellow foliage of the strong-growing tree-worm (Celastrus orbiculatus), the small patio invites you to linger. The tufted rose (Rosa multiflora) is still covered in lush green foliage, purple aster-trees, autumn chrysanthemums, heather and a bouquet of pink dahlias make for a colorful flowering

Autumn terrace in bright colors: autumn

On the patio table, October shows what he has to offer in delicacies - and does not stingy with beautiful shapes and colors. Yellow zucchini, purple-blue red cabbage, dark runner beans, red apples and crunchy nuts become eye-catchers here before being processed in the kitchen

Autumn terrace in bright colors: terrace

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you do not have to fear the autumn blues. Our tip against threatening mood lows: get out into the fresh air and put ideas into action. The turquoise tin box is quickly populated with miscanthus, sedge, berries, fall chrysanthemums, cushion asters and heather

Clay box with sedge, broom heath, peat myrtle and ivy

Autumnally adorned stairs

autumnal table decoration

Japanese fan maple

Autumn decoration with lanterns

autumnal seat

Terrace with harvest table

autumnal terrace

Even compactly growing flowering shrubs with bright red autumn colors can be excellently integrated into the cheerful color spectacle. Among the most important are the Japanese fan maples, which can all be kept very well in the planter. If you want to enrich the wild mixture with quieter green tones, just add a few evergreen trees. The popular funkies turn up again with their bright yellow leaf coloring in the fall again. Also in the mountains there are varieties with later flowering and reddish autumn color - among the perennials a rather rare feature. Pumpkins, chestnuts, berry wreaths and other beautiful fruits of the season complete autumnal terrace arrangements. Blooming onion flowers in the pot like the autumn crocus or the autumnal season are already increasing their anticipation for the start of the new gardening season with their spring-like, delicate blossoms.

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