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Avocados can be quite sensitive. Accordingly, they do not last too long. Only with proper storage will they stay fresh for a few days.

Avocados do not last very long

Basically, an avocado should always be stored until it starts to soften. Because as soon as it softens, it does not take much longer for the fruit to spoil. If the avocado is soft, then it is best to process it immediately. You can have the avocado, for example barbecue (read more here), to guacamole or pesto process or conjure up a soup out of it.

The avocados, which are not yet soft, you can still leave. Please note the following notes.

So store avocados right

➤ Storage of an immature fruit:

Keep an immature fruit always at room temperature. Because when stored in the refrigerator due to the low temperature of the maturation process is interrupted.

➤ Storage of a ripe fruit:

On the other hand, you can easily store a ripe fruit in the fridge for up to three days.

Even a piece of cut fruit should be kept cool. Here it is recommended not to remove the core, but to leave in the avocado. At the heart of the fruit are contained enzymes that make the avocado last longer. In addition, it is advisable to wrap it with cling film, so that no oxygen gets to the pulp. So then no discoloration can occur.

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