Azalea location: There the plants feel most comfortable

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Azaleas are a great way to turn the garden into a colorful variety - but this only works if the location is right.

Azaleas like it more sunny

Azaleas, a rhododendron-related plant, can be broadly divided into three categories, which greatly facilitate gardening. The low grades are suitable e.g. for rockeries. Medium-height azaleas reach a height of up to 1.20 meters and can freshen up flowerbeds or smaller hedges. The tall azaleas up to two meters form wonderful hedges and screens.

Common to the outdoor azaleas is that they form a colorful flower splendor and sometimes have an evergreen dress even in winter. Depending on the region, you can choose different plant types. Bear in mind that azaleas that lose their foliage over the winter are less sensitive to the cold than evergreen rhododendrons.

The right location for outdoor azaleas

The azalea is a fairly undemanding plant, which makes it easier to locate. You should make sure that the soil is not calcareous, but rather sour and quite cool (ph value 4 to 5). To check whether the pH value in the soil is right, you should simply put a test strip in the ground and look up. So make sure that your azaleas thrive. Such a pH soil test is e.g. available at Amazon. How to do this test correctly, you will learn here.

Standing wetness also does not like the plants, so you should only plant them in hollows if the moisture can escape well from the soil. Whether you put the plants in the blazing sun or in the semi-shade is almost irrelevant. Only the flowers are not quite as splendid in a shady location.

A little hint:

If you want to give your azaleas the best conditions, you can dig up the soil about eight inches deep and put a layer of mulch or peat on the ground. Suitable mulch are e.g. Pine needle litter and forest humus. Alternatively, special rhododendron earth is available.

➤ Caution:

Never mix beech leaves under the ground and do not use compost that contains beech leaves. This can change the pH of the soil.

If the soil in your garden is rather humid, heavy or you fear that waterlogging will form, you can fill the lower part of the planting holes with gravel. In this way creates a simple drainage and the root is not in the water.

The right location for Zimmerazaleen

In addition to the plants that belong to the rhododendron, you will receive numerous indoor aquariums that can not remain permanently outside. The houseplant is freezing, but does not necessarily like bigger heat. Especially the variant of Rhododendron Simsii should never stand by the heater, also because the flowering lasts longer if the ambient temperature is relatively cool. Zimmerazaleen prefer a half-shady place. You found the right location if:

  • the ambient temperature is between 15 and 20 degrees,
  • the location is partially shaded and
  • Solar radiation favors the bud discharge.

If you consider all these criteria when choosing a location, nothing stands in the way of a rich flowering.

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