Winterize the balcony and terrace - now protect from frost!

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The temperatures are sinking noticeably, the weather is getting rougher and for a few days the frost in the nights has also got a grip on large parts of Germany. At least now it is high time to make provisions for the cold season and to winterize the balcony and terrace.

Winterize the balcony and terrace

Not only plants need the care of eager hobby gardeners, so that they can keep their winter sheep in the cold season. The rest of the balcony and terrace also needs your attention, so that everything can be wintered unscathed until spring. Small items such as windmills, lanterns, flower pots and plant decorations are now carefully packed in the basement, the tool shed or the store. If you leave these small parts outside during the winter, damages due to frost and snow are inevitable. But even larger furnishings, meaning your entire balcony or patio furniture, now need an extra dose of care before you can be stowed completely winterized.

Balcony and terrace furniture to prepare for the winter

Balcony and patio furniture should not be exposed to the weather during the cold months unprotected, otherwise they may not be very handsome in the spring and may even be damaged. Snow and rain can run in cracks and cause considerable damage when frozen.

Impregnate terrace furniture

" Important "

So that the care product can sufficiently penetrate into the wood or the plastic, store the furniture after processing for one to two days in a dry room.

That is why it is important to carefully re-waterproof the balcony and terrace furniture before the first onset of winter. In hardware stores such as the Bauhaus or OBI care products for wood and plastic furniture are available, with which individual pieces of furniture can be treated. Ideally, start with the impregnation in autumn, when the temperatures are not too bad in the cellar.

Plastic covers for garden furniture protect outdoors

Do not let your garden furniture overwinter without protection! If you do not have space to winterize your balcony and patio furniture, you should protect it with plastic covers against frost and moisture. This way the furniture stays protected from rain, snow and wind and survives the winter unscathed. Plastic sleeves in different sizes are also available in the hardware store or on the Internet, for example, Amazon or eBay.

The safest way to spend the winter is to hibernate balcony and patio furniture, of course, in sheltered rooms such as the basement or the garden shed. If there is enough storage space, placing the furniture is still the best protection against frost.

Free pipes and gutters from dirt

Especially when the days get wet and cold, functional gutters on the balcony and terrace are very important so that rainwater and snow can not accumulate. It is therefore advisable to carry out a thorough cleaning of the pipes already in autumn. Take a shovel and a hand brush to remove leaves and mud from the gutters. This allows the water to flow away unhindered.

Balcony and terrace winterized by the expert

Have the terrace winterized by a specialist

Those who are not adequately familiar with the necessary work and suspect that they have a particularly strong or settled contamination should, as a precaution, commission a specialist in the cleaning of drainage pipes and gutters. In the yellow pages or on online portals such as there is a large selection of regional providers who understand the corresponding cleaning work and make the inflows and outflows of the balcony and terrace in a few easy steps to winter. Incidentally, fallen leaves and mud should be regularly removed from the floor of the balcony and the terrace in autumn and winter, as there is otherwise a significant risk of slipping in wet and frosty conditions. With a rake or a strong broom, however, impurities can be eliminated in just a few minutes.

If autumn and winter have a firm grip on Germany, it is high time to prepare the outdoor area for the cold season. The balcony and terrace require a little extra care in these weeks, so that plants, furniture and other furnishings survive the winter unscathed. In the spring, the patio is usually a few steps to the oasis of well-being.

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