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A balcony is almost the outdoor living room. It should be just as comfortable here. You succeed with little money. You just have to be a little creative.

The balcony equipment does not have to be expensive

Anyone who has an apartment in the city, usually longs for a small patch of green, where it can really relax and enjoy the sun. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to own a garden. Since you can be really happy, if your own apartment has a balcony. Here you can also let the sun shine on your nose and enjoy the warm temperatures.

Of course it works with the well-being and relaxation but only if the balcony is comfortably furnished. But that does not mean that you have to buy expensive lounge furniture and extravagant deco items to make it comfortable on the balcony. You do not really have to invest a lot of money. If you are a bit gifted in terms of craftsmanship, you can also conjure up a beautiful outdoor living room with little money. Here are a few ideas and suggestions.

You can do it all yourself

❶ Balcony furniture made of europallets:

Anyone who thinks that balcony furniture always made of polyrattan or aluminum and must be purchased accordingly, is mistaken. You can also make balcony furniture yourself.

For example, from wooden pallets. That's absolutely trendy right now anyway. Not only because garden furniture made of wooden pallets have something very special, but because they are also inexpensive to manufacture. In principle, you only need a few screws, foam and pillowcases. You can also sew the covers yourself. How this is then assembled, you can see in this video.

❷ Privacy protection:

If you want to keep the curious eyes away from the street, then you have to disguise the balcony railing. The cheapest works, for example, the with bamboo mats. 1.5 x 4 meters are available at Amazon e.g. for only 14.95 euros. If you like it more naturally, you can also plant higher growing flowers or shrubs in pots and then put them on the ground. Of course, if the balcony railing is made of a kind of lattice, it can also be planted on vine plants, such as Resort to whistling. Here are further privacy ideas for the balcony.

❸ mini pond:

In summer it is the best to sit by the water. Who does not always get the time, can get the water home. In the form of a mini pond for the balcony. You do not even need much for that. Only a bricklayer bucket, gravel, stones, ponds and water plants.

  1. Take the mason trowel and fill in a layer of gravel on the ground. Then come white pebbles, because they look very nice.
  2. Now pick up pots and fill them with the white stones on the ground. Then put the pond plants on it and fill up the rest with the stones. This keeps the pond plants in place.
  3. Now you can already position the pond plants in the tub and then fill it with water. Done is the mini pond.
  4. If you like, you can still plant around the pond, so that you can not immediately see that it is a bricklayer's bucket. But you can also dress it with a cut bamboo mat or jute cloth.

Alternatively, you can also create a mini pond in the barrel. How this is done is explained here.

❹ shelf of fruit boxes:

Next time you go shopping, look for wooden fruit crates. These are usually thrown away anyway. So just ask if you could have them. The same applies to wine boxes. Then you can stack them on a wall of the balcony and you have already created a great wall shelf. You can also screw individual fruit boxes to the wall. If you like, you can make the boxes colored beforehand.

❺ Canned flowerpots:

Of course you do not have to buy flower pots either. You can also make them from tin cans yourself. Simply rinse, dry well and then paint or spray with paint. Your imagination has no limits in the design.

❻ Cantilever lanterns / canning jars:

From the cans you can conjure up even lighthouses. But you have to take a cordless screwdriver to hand and drill holes or a pattern in the cans. Then make colorful and finished the lanterns. How exactly this is done is explained here.

But you can also take preserving jars and turn them into lanterns. Simply beautify the jars with decoupage, color or ice spray. You can also cover them with shells or artificial flowers. Just let your imagination run wild.


As you can see, you do not need much money to make the balcony comfortable. You just have to be creative.Then you can even make a complete garden with little money or bring it back to fruition. After the winter there is always a lot to do here. A few garden ideas for little money, with which you can make your green oasis reasonably priced, can be found here, for example, compiled by the smava editors. Many creative ideas on how to do your own garden decorating can be found on Pinterest.

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