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If you have a balcony, you usually want to attach window boxes to the railing and plant flowers or herbs in them. For almost every railing or parapet, there are suitable mounts commercially available to buy.
For some, however, you have to build or make the parts yourself.
Assemble brackets and flower boxes
It is favorable, if you buy new flower boxes, right after looking for the right brackets for the balcony railing. Often they are offered together. Some companies, whose flower boxes are slightly different from the norm, offer directly the appropriate fixings. Mostly you can only use these and no others.
Of course, the balcony box brackets not only have to fit the boxes, but also the balcony railing. Conveniently adjustable brackets that can be attached to different railings. You can adapt them well. Often they are not exactly trendy and trendy, but they serve their purpose. Usually you can even attach them without tools.
The simple models can be easily hung on the balustrade. Practical are the models with spacers that allow no contact of the boxes with the railing. This avoids scratches and other damage both to the box and the balcony railing. Retractable brackets that you can hardly see, such as those offered by Lechuza, are particularly practical.

  • Most balcony box mounts are made of metal. The material is powder coated. The holders are obtained in different colors, e.g. in white, dark green, blue, brown and terracotta.
  • It is important that the bracket carries the weight of the filled flower box, especially if the soil is wet and heavy, which is the case after rain. This is not the case with some brackets. They bend and the boxes can crash. The balcony box holder must always be adapted to the size and weight of the box.

  • In the normal plastic boxes, which are available in every hardware store, one differentiates different sizes, from 60 cm to 100 cm. The balcony box holders have different dimensions. Although those for the smaller boxes fit the big ones, they can not support the weight. They bend over time and the planter slips and falls out. If you put the balcony box on the outside of the railing, in the worst case, it can fall on someone's head. That can end tragically.

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