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If you do not have the famous green thumb and always forget to provide your plants with the water you need, you should take a closer look at a balcony box with water reservoir.
But even if you have grown on the balcony or on the terrace of plants that are particularly thirsty and even have the love of the long day in the blazing sun, the balcony box with water reservoir is a perfect solution against the "casting-forget".
Anyone who has ever tried a balcony box with water reservoir will not want to miss it anymore.
How does a balcony box with water reservoir work?
From the outside, a balcony box with water reservoir looks like any other balcony box for planting with balcony plants as well. They are available in many different colors, with especially black, brown, green and terracotta-colored window boxes with water reservoir.
The special feature of a balcony box with water storage is that there is a small reservoir inside. This collects the pouring or rainwater at the bottom of the box and serves as a reserve. If necessary, the plants can then independently use the water supply.
Then it does not matter if you forget every now and then to take care of your balcony plants or you want to go on vacation.
Shopping tips for the balcony box with water reservoir
As already mentioned there is a balcony box with water reservoir in many different colors. However, this is not the only distinguishing feature that should be taken into account when buying. First of all, there are balcony boxes with water storage in many different sizes.
Thus, for each location on the balcony or on a balcony railing and the right size to balcony box can be purchased. Furthermore, it makes sense to make sure when buying that the balcony box with water reservoir has a water level indicator. This ensures that you can already pay attention to how much liquid is still present in the water tank when watering the flowers.
This is also useful if it has rained, because you can see so accurately whether the plants are still adequately provided with water in the reservoir. Furthermore, the water level indicator helps to prevent waterlogging.
Many plants can not tolerate waterlogging very well and are very sensitive to too much water. As every downpour fills the reservoir, the water level indicator is a very helpful tool.
You can buy a balcony box with water reservoir with or without water level indicator in virtually any building market and also in a gardening center these planters are offered. Furthermore, the Internet also offers as a source of shopping, because here too, the selection is very large.
In addition, you can often benefit from the one or the other price advantage on the Internet, because not infrequently there are much cheaper balcony boxes with water reservoir to buy, as in retail. You do not have to do without quality.
The cheaper price is simply justified by a very different pricing of online retailers. Partly a balcony box with water reservoir on the Internet from 30 euros available.
Special features of window boxes with water reservoir
In addition to a balcony box with water reservoir and water level indicator, there are also very special systems in which only a certain amount of water automatically remains in the memory. Such a balcony box with water storage is also expensive. Below 100 euros is hardly anything to do here.
Another special design are balcony boxes which have different chambers for water storage, so according to these chambers plants can be planted with a high and a low water requirement. But even these window boxes are associated with high acquisition costs.
It is cheaper if you buy conventional window boxes with a water reservoir and retrofit the water level indicator. Waterlogging can also be avoided by simply creating a layer of gravel on the floor of the balcony box. It acts like a natural drainage and protects the sensitive roots.
Nevertheless, it is ensured that the plants can sufficiently use water from the reservoir.

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