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A very nice opportunity to make your own living environment greener is the beautification of your own balcony. Pretty plants that decorate tubs and balcony boxes, create a green retreat and place of rest also in the middle of the city. If you do not find the opportunity to maintain your own garden, you can also grow various things on the balcony. Balcony raised beds are no longer a rarity. But not only plants are in demand as balcony accessories and jewelery. Important to be able to use your own balcony ideally, are primarily balcony furniture.
Large selection, many possibilities: balcony furniture and balcony accessories
In terms of balcony furniture can rely on an abundant selection of materials. Whether it should be plastic chairs or wooden models, is up to each one himself. Meanwhile, some balcony furniture hardly differs from the high-quality furnishings that are intended for the interior. When choosing the right balcony furniture, the space component may also play a decisive role. Practical solutions are also suitable for smaller balconies - one must think of balcony folding tables, for example, which can be conveniently set aside when not in use and can be stored very well in the basement in winter.
If you are about to redesign your own balcony, you may also be dealing with things like balcony cladding. Wooden or plastic balcony cladding is in particular demand. Even the ideal flooring for the balcony is one of the topics, which is important in the design of a balcony. In addition, balcony accessories is important. Balcony grill, balcony box holder, but also balcony lamp are in addition to the classic balcony tables and chairs in demand.
Anyone who has a balcony, albeit a small one, can create their own, completely individual green oasis. The matching balcony furniture as well as the actual balcony accessories make every balcony something special.

Vorstellbalkon - prices and costs

An alternative to the Anbaubalkon can be the so-called Vorstellbalkon for all those who want to install a balcony at the house afterwards.

Annex balcony - prices and costs

A balcony is a dream idea for many homeowners or tenants. After all, not everyone can enjoy the direct garden access.

Balcony box mounts - Securely attach flower boxes

If you have a balcony, you usually want to attach window boxes to the railing and plant flowers or herbs in them. For almost every railing or parapet, there are suitable mounts commercially available to buy.

Video Board: Smart Space-Saving Accessories for Small Balconies.

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