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There are countless ways for hobbyists to build themselves up. It is important that the statics of the balcony, the pond filled and also, of course, that there is enough space. As balconies can be quite different in size, we have also selected the most varied offers here.
Suitable vessels
First of all, a suitable vessel is needed. Old wine barrels are very popular, but not everyone likes them. However, there are very different vessels. It depends on whether you want to buy something new, or would rather use an old vessel. Old mortar pans are also popular, but these are black and should be dressed up so they do not heat up in the summer. Plastic containers are available in all sizes and shapes, also fiberglass reinforced plastic basins. Two zone pond basins are ideal because there are already two different planting zones.

  • High Pond by Biogreen, round, made of galvanized steel wire (gabion), filled with stones, inner liner made of PVC pond liner, capacity from 160 liters, construction with connectors, kit
  • High pond with water mill, as a complete set about 450 euros (with pump), made of impregnated pine wood, inside with pond liner, 500 liter capacity, 99 cm high, with side planting zone, kit
  • GRP basins, come in different sizes and shapes (round, oval, straight up or widening, different colors), suitable for spring stones, water features or the like
  • FIAP pool, made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, 40 cm in diameter and 30 cm in height to 110 cm in diameter and 35 cm in height
  • Feverglass flowerpots in a variety of shapes and colors. It is important that there are no trigger holes in the floor. The vessels are very light, which is extremely favorable. It can also be put together several, in different heights, over corner or even one above the other.
  • The popular zinc buckets and other zinc vessels are unfavorable, since water contact flushes pollutants into the water in considerable quantities. In addition, the vessels will rust over time, even if it lasts.
  • Vessels are still made of many other materials. It is important that they are waterproof and not too small.
Ideas for reshaping
  • 1. Two narrow square and above all elongated, at least 40 cm high fever glass containers are placed on the corner. Exactly in the created corner a lower square vessel of the same material is placed. So is already provided for different heights. Depending on the available space, the rear containers must be narrow or may be wider. For wider containers, the design variety is of course greater. The shallower bucket is suitable for a small fountain or for a water lily. Unfortunately, both together do not work. The rear tanks can still be divided into different heights with paving stones or bricks. More in the middle, so in the corner higher plants should be planted, to the outside they should be lower, so there is a coherent overall picture.
  • 2. In order to cultivate water lilies, a vessel with a minimum depth of 30 cm is needed. The diameter should not be too small, under 50 cm neither basin nor water lily acts. In principle, only the soil is covered with gravel. The water lily is placed in a plant basket and this comes in the middle of the vessel, directly into the gravel. That's all you need for a decorative balcony pond. The more beautiful the vessel, the more effective the entire composition.
  • 3. Decorate an arbitrarily shaped shell with a pump and a pipe, through which water reaches the top. Dress this pipe with the help of bricks and stones. Place flat stones in such a way that the water cascades down over them into the pool. The rest of the basin can be planted. However, the planting should be rather low so that she does not steal the show from the rippling water.
  • 4. An alternative to the "ordinary" water plants offer carnivorous plants. There are some among them who like to be very wet. So if you do not necessarily look for a real pond, you can also try this once. It is favorable that even shallow or low vessels can be used. The structure is similar. You can build two different heights, a very flat one where the plants just stand in the water and a bit deeper. When selecting the carnivores, one should of course select those that are suitable for these conditions. Not all like it so wet, but the selection is big enough. Important here is that only rainwater is used. Tap water does not tolerate the plants permanently. Also note the height graduation!
  • 5. Ideal for a balcony corner are rectangular or square PE pond basins, e.g. from Heissner. They hold about 200 liters of water and already have a useful size and depth.Due to the angular shape, bricks and paving stones can easily be used to set up different planting zones. At a depth of 45 cm is also a water lily in it. The pools are light, absolutely stable and, if you do not like the black color, also easy to dress up. For beginners they are best suited.
  • 6. The company Heissner also offers very beautiful high ponds, which can also be easily placed on level ground. A rather shallow pool offers the terrace pond set with the item number 016868. Here are pond pump lighting and transformer included. A small fountain lets water escape at the top and this flows over a step into the large basin. Small floating plants can be placed, but also see beautiful stones and shells as a decoration very well, even without greening. Then the water is to be kept clear even with algae-free. This is difficult with only small floating plants.
  • 7. The pond set by bewado offers a mini pond with a real waterfall. Here are two pools united, one upper and one larger lower one. From the upper, a wide waterfall flows into the lower basin. Both can be planted. This set offers a clean solution, pleasant water sounds and plenty of room for plants. It is also suitable for indoor areas in the house, so it can be placed in the living room in winter. The rattan-optic braid is timeless and fits almost to all living stalks. The escaping water is effectively staged by the integrated LED lighting.
  • 8. Whom the balcony pond is more important for a fountain than for a varied planting, really only needs a slightly deeper vessel. The diameter or the measures per se need not be great. On the bottom of the vessel, a correspondingly strong pump is placed on which the desired fountain is placed. Of course, the water must not spray over the edge of the vessel, otherwise it drips soon from the balcony. Of course, the pump connection must be taken care of. Then fill the container with stones, pebbles or gravel until nothing is visible from the actual pump. Depending on the place plants can be used, beautiful to the edge and not too strong, otherwise the fountain does not work. Instead of plants can also be decorated with shells.
  • 9. If you only have space for a mini container, you do not have to do without water. Take a small, preferably beautiful vessel. Ideal is glass, but you have to clean a lot. There are glass stones, if possible clear glass or white glass, small glass marbles, glass decoration, everything that glitters beautifully in the sun. After water is filled, swimming glasses with tealights can be used. Alternatively suitable are pure floating candles. For this you can give an artificial water lily on the water surface or simply sprinkle petals on the surface. It does not really need more. In the trade, there are only a few centimeters large fish or snails made of glass. Such a thing can be put in as a splash of color.
  • 10. If you want to see your aquatic plants under water, take a sufficiently large glass jar. Even something like that can be planted. Especially beautiful is white gravel or marble chippings for the underground. If possible, choose plants that do not require plant baskets, but simply put them in the gravel just to fix them. In addition, swimming plants fit, but all rather dainty plants. Earth is unsuitable, it makes the water too murky. You have to know that algae will soon cloud your sight. If you are bothered, you can try snails. For this purpose, the vessel must also be slightly larger, so that they get enough oxygen.
There are many very different ways to create a balcony pond. It is often a question of the available space and also of the financial possibilities. Vessels cost money and the better the materials, the more expensive it becomes. If you have no experience with these small water tanks, you should start modestly and experiment. You also quickly realize if it was a whim or if such a pool is going to last. If it works, you can buy something every year. That's why I think point 1 makes a lot of sense. You can start with a pool and gradually build up a whole water landscape. Of course, the small options are not to be despised.

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