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Is it allowed to have a barbecue on the balcony?

Maybe the neighbors are just jealous that they get nothing: grilling on the balcony is sometimes not liked. Some landlords do not care if every weekend is grilled, others prohibit the culinary pleasure by lease. Even the courts are not quite unanimous: Depending on the verdict, you may fire the charcoal three times (Stuttgart Regional Court) up to six times a year (Bonn District Court).

When does it have to be quiet?

As for the noise on the balcony, the general rest rules apply: 22 o'clock is therefore tattoo. Under paragraph 117 of the Law on Administrative Offenses, under the heading "Inadmissible noise", the following is found:
(1) An improper act shall be those who, without due cause or in an unacceptable or unforeseeable manner, incur noise capable of causing significant disturbance to the general public or the neighborhood or harming the health of another.
Incidentally, this also applies to noise that comes from the room through the open balcony door: Not a few complaints have too enthusiastic bedroom sounds as a reason. The district court Warendorf decided that too loud lovemaking also falls under noise and the neighbors do not have to accept.
Do not stick to the rules, threaten a fine for noise pollution - and that can be really expensive:
(2) The administrative offense may be punished by a fine of up to five thousand euros, if the act can not be punished according to other regulations.
That's why we recommend: maintain a good relationship with the neighbors, announce parties in advance and best invite the neighbors! Whoever celebrates does not complain - and you know where no plaintiff...

Can I sunbathe naked?

Yes and no. It depends on whether someone feels bothered by this - which is rarely the case with a 25-year-old bikini beauty, but the beer-bellied sweaty football fan should rather be the case. Paragraph 118 of the Code of Administrative Offenses says here:
(1) A person who carries out a grossly indecent act capable of harassing or endangering the general public and impairing public order constitutes an offense.
(2) The administrative offense may be punished by a fine if the act can not be punished according to other regulations.
The disturbance is therefore in the eye of the beholder: Sunday an exhibitionist naked on his porch and is watched by his voyeuristic neighbors, the quarrels should be limited.

Plants on the balcony

As long as the overall impression of the house is not disturbed sensitive, you may plant everything that you want. Of course this does not apply to illegal plants such as hemp or opium poppy.

Screen and cat lattice

Again, the overall impression counts. If you adjust your privacy of the facade so that it is not completely out of line, no one should have a problem with it. And here, too, there are various court decisions: For example, the district court of Wiesbaden decided that an attached lattice had to be removed again.

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