Freezing basil: This is how to optimally preserve the aroma

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Freeze the basil while preserving the aroma? This works out. There are many opinions on the internet about basil freezing or not. In fact, you can easily freeze the leaves of basil - even without losing the aroma. In this way, you can create a supply for the whole year.

To conserve the typical basil flavor when freezing, you must prepare the leaves properly. Harvest best early in the morning and only the shoots that are close to the flower. Wash the shoots and gently pluck the leaves.

Blanch basil and freeze

Before freezing the basil, it is advisable to blanch the leaves so they are not soggy after thawing. In this way, the aroma can be optimally preserved. In fact, short brewing improves shelf life by destroying enzymes responsible for cell degradation and killing harmful microorganisms.
To blanch basil you need:

  • a bowl of lightly salted water and ice cubes
  • a pot
  • a skimmer or a sieve

Boil some water in the pot and pour in the basil leaves for about five to ten seconds. Thereafter, the leaves must immediately in the prepared ice water, so they do not continue to cook. When the leaves are cool, they are carefully placed on a paper towel and dabbed dry. Now the basil leaves come to Schrockfrosten in the freezer. Once fully frozen, place the leaves in an airtight container or freezer bag and store in the freezer.

Quickly freeze basil

If you need to go fast, you can also freeze basil with some water in a freezer bag or container. Wash the freshly harvested basil leaves before freezing them. If you use an ice cube container, you can even freeze the basil in portions. If the leaves are hacked beforehand, they will darken slightly with this method - but still retain their aromatic taste.

Freeze basil pesto

Basil pesto in an ice cube shape

With the aid of an ice cube mold, basil pesto can be perfectly frozen

Basil can also be frozen in the form of pesto. Puree the basil leaves and add some olive oil. Fill the mixture into containers of your choice and place them in the freezer. So the basil flavor is optimally preserved.

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