Basil Seeds: That's why they are so healthy

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Basil seeds are the new superfood. Although they are still relatively unknown to us, in Asia the super seeds have been used for centuries. Similar to chia seeds, basil seeds soak in water and develop a glibberige consistency. The super seeds are full of healthy nutrients. The taste is contrary to expectations rather neutral to slightly nutty, which is why basil seeds are suitable for both savory and sweet foods.

So healthy are basil seeds

Basil seeds can be used and used in many ways because they not only have a positive effect on the skin and hair, but also on the immune system. They contain vitamins E, B6 and K, various minerals such as zinc and iron and important proteins and fatty acids such as omega-3. Although there is so much in them, they have hardly any calories. In addition, the basil seeds are very filling, which is why with them cravings can be contained. At the same time, the fatty acids contained stimulate the metabolism, while the fiber boosts digestion. The oils in the basil seeds simultaneously reduce fermentation gases. For those who want to lose weight, the trendy seeds are an ideal superfood that should not be missing in any nutritional plan.
As mentioned, skin and hair also get their money's worth thanks to the rich nutrients. Thanks to the antioxidants it contains, the skin is protected from free radicals and hair growth is stimulated by vitamins, proteins and iron.
Basil seeds not only provide a beautiful skin or healthy hair, they also strengthen the immune system. A teaspoon already covers the entire daily requirement of vitamin K, which is very important for blood clotting, among other things. In addition, some of the substances have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. So if you want to prevent a cold, you can try this superfood.
In Asia, the seeds are taken mainly for their "cooling" effect, because basil seeds lower the body heat. No wonder the seeds are on every Asian menu, especially in summer.

How are basil seeds properly prepared

Basil seeds and pomegranate juice

Just mix basil seeds with pomegranate juice - you're done with a healthy drink in between

Basically, basil seeds should not be eaten raw, but first soak in water for about ten minutes. After the seeds have swollen to about ten times their original size, they may be processed at will. Anyone who regularly consumes chia seeds will find the slimy shell around the small black seed kernels familiar. Basil seeds can also be used as varied as their superfood predecessors. So if you feel like doing something new, you should definitely try the little miracle seeds.

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