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Bathtub coating - what matters

The coating of the bathtub is of great importance. It fulfills several functions at the same time. On the one hand there is the protection of the underlying material against corrosion, on the other hand, the hygiene is ensured by the bathtub coating and, last but not least, the layer in the bathtub eliminates the risk of injury.
In the present, it is also often a question of setting a visual accent with the bathtub coating.
In the past, a bath was classically coated with enamel. Although this was generally very resilient, over time or due to adverse external influences, the coating lost its beauty. In the end, it was necessary to completely replace the bathtub.
Extensive remedial measures had to be carried out. They were associated with a great effort, which expressed itself financially, temporally and by an immense dirt formation. Today everything is much easier and faster. If the bathtub coating is damaged or unsightly due to the use of cleaning agents, only a new coating is applied. This is much more pleasant for everyone involved than a complete bathroom renovation.
How to renew the coating of the bathtub?
Very professional and just as durable as the original, a new bathtub coating is applied by a specialist company. One uses a 2-component coating system. It is applied in several layers and is indistinguishable after curing from the quality of the original coating.
The coating is sprayed on. There are several
Required operations, a total of about four hours are needed. After 24 hours, the coating is completely cured and may be used as before.
The renewal of the bathtub coating takes place at the location of the bathtub. An expansion is not required. Besides, this procedure is a very clean matter. There is no dirt development. Furthermore, the immense color selection must be mentioned. If you opt for this type of recoating, there are over 3,000 different shades to choose from.
The price for the work of a company
amounts to about 300 euros. Included are the material, the tools and machines required and the working time.
Apply the coating to the bathtub yourself
The commissioning of a coating company to redesign his bathtub is not a must, you can take this into your own hands. The coating is suitable for bathtubs made of steel, acrylic and enamel. With enamel flaking are often present. These must be repaired first. If it's just minor damage, it does not necessarily require a new coating. Then it may already be sufficient to spatulate the chipped area and then brush over with bath varnish.
If a new coating is inevitable, do-it-yourself kits are offered in stores. At the beginning, the old silicone joints of the bathtub are removed and the fittings taped. Afterwards, the tub is thoroughly cleaned with a special cleaner.
After repairing any damage already mentioned above by filling and sanding, the bath must be cleaned again. Now a primer is applied for a better durability of the coating. Then the bathtub coating is applied according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Now it is time to wait for hardening and to clean out possible dust inclusions. In places, a seal must be applied. That depends on the product used. Once the work on the tub has been completed, the silicone joints are renewed and the Bathtub Coating project is completed.
It should be noted that self-coating often does not produce the same durability and appearance results as a specialist company does. The do it yourself is cheaper, but may not be so satisfactory.
In the long term, therefore, it should first be examined whether it is better to invest the money in the work of a company and have up to eight years guarantee on it
or if you create your own hand and have to do the re-coating more often.

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