Bathtubs - Wellness and relaxation in your own home

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Bathtubs - Wellness and relaxation in your own home

A bathtub is a dream for many. Because after a long day of work in warm water with fragrant essences, promises pure relaxation.
There are really great bathtubs in the trade, which meet all conceivable demands in the wellness area but also in terms of space.
And the now low prices make the bathtub dream a reality for many people.

Paying tribute to the space available: Bathtubs in various sizes
Of course, a generously sized bathroom is the optimum for the realization of wellness dreams in your own home. For large rooms, there are ideal bathtubs that do not seem lost in the oversized room. Such bathtubs make a wellness temple truly competition. Because you do not need to be annoyed by annoying drains or feel restricted at the side, instead large bathtubs even invite you to take a bath with several people.
The bathroom reality looks mostly different. A large bathtub as a wellness oasis rarely finds room here. If necessary, the bathroom at first glance does not seem to allow the installation of a bathtub at all. Fortunately, there are now ideal solutions in the form of space saving baths for such spatial conditions.
Especially corner baths have become well established in small bathrooms, they mercilessly exploit every corner and waste no space. But also with steep back parts and savings in the
Wide space saving baths become the ideal spa in small bathrooms. You do not have to be afraid of the price in this regard. Space-saving bathtubs are already available from 1,000 euros.
The private jacuzzi in the bathtub
Bubbling water is the epitome of relaxation for most stressed-out minds. Of course you associate with a whirlpool mostly the round containers with a constant water temperature of 38 degrees Celsius, as they are found in spa baths. However, the alternative for your own home, in shape
a whirlpool bath, also quite impressive.
Whirlpool elements can be integrated into any standard bathtub shape and are therefore not only to be found in special shops, but also in the sanitary department of home improvement stores.
Regarding the individual equipment, however, different decision alternatives arise. Thus, the spa bath can alternatively be purchased with air or water bubbling or a combination of both.
In the Whirlpool baths are located on the side of the tub walls several air nozzles, in a standard size bathtub usually four on each side. The feeling conveyed by such an air-whirlpool is similar to the massage jets, which can be consulted on swimming-pool edges. The typical whirlpool feeling is not induced thereby. Rather, it is a massage effect for the muscles. A whirlpool tub with air jets costs about 1,500 euros in the trade.
In contrast, there is the whirlpool bath with integrated water jets. This is the actual whirlpool, which not only stirs up the water, but allows new water to rise with the formation of the typical bubble bubbles.
The massage effect is rather subtle, but the relaxation factor outstanding, especially if the bath water has body temperature. In terms of price, whirlpool baths with water jets are a bit more expensive than the air variant and are around 2,000 euros.
However, the combination of air and water jets in the whirlpool bath has become particularly popular. Both components can be operated simultaneously or separately. For about 3,000 euros, this all-round package is available in stores.
Lighting elements for the bathtub
Wellness experts have found that the body is not only in
a spa tub relaxes, but the stress-reducing effect is increased by special lights. That is why bathtubs with light elements are now booming.
Mostly integrated into a whirlpool tub, the different colored lamps are integrated in the side walls, the colors of which are calming and relaxing. These are started separately from the whirlpool functions and
give an interesting play of colors for the best. At around 4,000 euros, a bathtub with all-inclusive whirlpool including light therapy is available.

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