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Lawn mowing without the hassle of cables and noise is possible with Ryobi's RLM18X41H240 cordless lawnmower. The device manages up to 550 square meters with one battery charge. It offers an additional advantage: It is equipped with two 18 volt lithium-ion batteries from the Ryobi ONE + system. These fit into over 55 other power tools and garden tools from the manufacturer.

Cordless lawnmower Ryobi

The cordless lawnmower RLM18X41H240 from Ryobi

With a cutting width of 40 centimeters, the lawnmower allows rapid work progress. Even dense, higher standing grass is easily cut. A side-mounted grass comb ("EasyEdge") straightens the blades of grass and allows particularly clean cutting along edges and edges without reworking. The cutting height can be adjusted in five levels, the grass bag has a comfortable volume of 50 liters.
We're giving away a lawnmower including two 18-volt batteries. All you have to do is complete the entry form - you're there!

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