To preserve laurel leaves: harvest laurels, dry and freeze

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spice laurel

In this method, the entire branches are simply hung upside down in a dry place. Although it is also possible to dry the picked leaves on this variant, additional handles are required for this purpose. For the laurel leaves must first be "threaded" with needle and thread before they can be hung. For both methods, however, the following should be observed during drying:
  • Location as warm as possible, protected from the wind and dry
  • ideal are attics, garden sheds or drying rooms
  • no direct sunlight
  • Leaves leaves / twigs loosely and hang side by side
  • Shake bay leaves regularly
  • disassemble glued leaves
  • This prevents mold growth
Tip: Whether the laurel leaves are dry, can be easily seen: If the leaves still have dark green and / or soft spots, they usually still contain moisture. In such cases, it is advisable to let the leaves dry for another week.

baking sheet

The bay leaves can also be dried without much effort on a baking sheet. For this purpose, the leaves are first distributed with sufficient distance from each other on the baking sheet. To make sure that the spice laurel dries evenly, it is important that the leaves are side by side and not superimposed. The baking tray is then placed in a warm, airy location. The leaves need about two weeks to dry, during which time the following steps are advisable:
  • Check leaves regularly
  • Turn the bay leaves in between
  • thereby they dry evenly
Tip: The curling of the leaves can be prevented by covering them with a cloth. The cloth must then be weighted, for which, for example, a board is suitable.

Dry using equipment

spice laurel

There is not always enough space to dry the bay leaves in the air. Fortunately, this is not a requirement, because the spice leaves can also be thrown using technical equipment. In addition, the drying time of these variants is significantly reduced. The leaves need only a few hours to dry instead of several weeks. Although the time savings for these variants speaks, there is nevertheless a disadvantage: In contrast to drying in air, the aromas are not so much conserved, which is why slight aroma losses can be expected.
  • Preheat device to 35-46 degrees
  • Wash leaves with clear water
  • Drain off excess water
  • Dab off leaves with a paper towel
  • Distribute leaves on inserts
  • Insert bets
  • Allow to dry for about 4 hours
  • Select lowest temperature level
  • optimal temperature range 30-50 degrees
  • Lay the baking sheet with baking paper
  • Spread bay leaves on it
  • take care of sufficient space and distance
  • Do not close the oven completely
  • in between check again and again
  • Let dry for about 2-3 hours
  • is suitable for a few leaves
  • Spread leaves on a plate
  • Cover plate with some kitchen paper
  • set the lowest possible wattage
  • not more than 300 watts
  • otherwise the leaves lose their aroma
  • Let it dry for about 2-3 minutes
  • If necessary, dry the leaves with a paper towel
Tip: The dried bay leaves can then be crushed and stored practically in spice jars or tin cans.


spice laurel

Another method of preserving the bay leaves is by freezing. The advantage of this variant is that the flavors of the frozen spicy laurel remain particularly well preserved. If you want to conserve the spice laurel in this way, you can freeze the whole branches as well as individual leaves. However, before it comes to freezing, the leaves must first be washed in this method. Then they are freed of excess water and dabbed with a paper towel. The further process differs only minimally, depending on whether branches or leaves are frozen:
Freezing branches
  • Branches spread on the baking sheet
  • Put the tin in the freezer for 45 minutes
  • Remove branches and transfer to freezer bags
  • freeze again
Freeze leaves
  • Pick leaves and chop them if necessary
  • Spread the spiced laurel on the baking sheet
  • Put the tin in the freezer for about 30 minutes
  • Remove leaves and transfer to freezer bags
  • freeze again
Ice cubes Method
Those who not only freeze the spice laurel but also want to portion it in the same work step can preserve it in ice cube trays.For this, only the fresh bay leaves anyway an ice cube tray needed. This method of preservation requires a little more effort, but this is only once:
  • chop fresh leaves
  • Fill herbs in ice cube container
  • Fill container with water
  • Herbs should be covered
  • optimal are 2/3 herbs to 1/3 water
  • then freeze the ice cube container
Tip: The herbal ice cubes can be used as a whole for seasoning and must not be thawed before!

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