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Of course, one may not be missing in a bean soup. Right, the beans. But not the savory. This of course tastes best from your own garden.

Savory is very easy to clean

If you grow beans in the vegetable garden, you should also think about the cultivation of savory. You should know from the outset that there are two different types of savory. The summer bean herb and the winter bean herb.

What is the difference between summer and winter bean leaves?

Actually, summer and winter bean herbs differ only in taste. The winter bean herb has a very distinctive, peppery aroma. The summer savory is lovelier on the other hand. That's why we prefer to grow it.

Also visually, the two savory varieties differ slightly. The winter bean herb has dark green, needle-like leaves. The flowers are white or purple. The summer bean herb, on the other hand, has bright green leaves. The flowers are white and pink.

How is savory grown?

No matter if you want to plant summer or winter bean herb - both are grown at the same time and in the same way. The best time for sowing is between April and May. But you can also prefer the savory from March in the pot or generally grow in it, if you have no more space in the bed.

Savory should be grown in a sunny, dry and warm place. The herb must also be protected from the wind. The soil should be loose and humus. With a rather dry soil, the herb is generally better than one with too wet.

This is how to plant savory properly

Prepare the bed before sowing by incorporating compost and fresh soil. Then you can sow the savory in rows. Keep a distance between the rows of about 30 centimeters. Then cover the seeds with soil only lightly and keep the bed moist.

How to properly cultivate savory

➜ pouring:

If you regularly remove the weeds and loosen up the soil around the plant, the care is already done by and large. You do not even have to pour the savory once it has been successful. Here, the rainwater is completely sufficient. Only in case of prolonged drought should you reach for the watering can.

➜ Pruning:

Cut the summer bean herb back about 10 centimeters before blooming. This will stimulate foliation.

The winter bean herb should be pruned before and after the winter. Then cut it back to just above the ground.

Harvest and storage

The winter savory can be harvested all year round. The summer bean herb, however, only between July and October. Cut the shoots just above the ground and make small bundles. Then you can hang them upside down to dry. After drying, strip the leaves and place in light and moisture impermeable containers.

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