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If you are still looking for a ground cover for the penumbra, then you should plant the bearberry. How to do that and how to care for it, is here.

Bearberry: ground cover for the partial shade

The bearberry (popularly also referred to as cranberry) enchants every gardener first with a delicate, pink-white blooms (from late April to early June), before coming up with pretty, red berries in late summer, which they then optically the cranberries looks very similar.

The European bearberry is one of the easy-care, hardy plants that thrive perfectly well in the light partial shade and in full sun, which makes it ideal for large-scale planting in the garden or in public areas. It is also one of the evergreen plants and thus brings a little color into the dull gray even in winter.


The bearberry is counted among the medicinal herb plants, because just their leaves in bladder infections (production of tea) used effectively, or innumerable drugs are produced.

If you also want to get this plant in the garden, then here are some hints and tips for the cultivation and care of the bearberry.

Plant bearberry

Waterlogging tolerates waterlogging between 30 and 40 centimeters, which is why you should always plant the plant in a loose, nutrient-rich soil.

When choosing a location, you should also pay attention to a sunny to slightly shady place.

Maintain bearberry

" To water:

The bearberry does not actually need daily watering. Only during prolonged periods of drought you must water the bearberry.


Fertilization is hardly necessary, but it can be administered if necessary. It is best if you supply the soil around the plant in the fall with compost. Just work this carefully into the soil.


As soon as the bearberry grows too much you can of course cut it back. The best time for this is immediately after the winter break into early spring. But even in late summer, a pruning is still possible at any time.

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