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Hydrangeas are one of the most popular flower shrubs among gardening friends. Even among our Facebook users, there is a veritable fan club and everyone seems to have at least one copy in their own garden. So on our Facebook page is regularly discussed on the most beautiful types and varieties, the best location and the right care. That's why we asked the members of our community about their care tips for beautiful hydrangeas. Here are the best tips from our community.

The right location makes it

Almost all Facebook fans agree on this point: hydrangeas should be in partial shade and never in the blazing sun. Fritz P. advises to find a spot for hydrangeas in the garden, which is reached by the sun in the morning and pleasantly shady from noon onwards. At Catherine in Brittany they stand in the blazing sun, she tells us that she does not fertilize or water: "The hydrangeas love the Breton weather". B├Ąrbel M. also reports on her panicle hydrangea, which, although it tolerates a lot of sun, needs a support so that it does not fall apart.

Where the rhododendron grows, it also pleases the hydrangeas, says Getrud H.-J., which recommends sour, humus-rich soil for the ornamental shrub. Andrea H. therefore combines her hydrangeas in the bed with rhododendrons.
Whether in summer or winter, the hydrangeas of Ilona E. are in the bucket all year round in a shady spot. When the flowers wither, simply put them on the wall of the house, where they will hibernate uncovered. A risky approach without winter protection, but it has been successful in the last three years.

Water hydrangeas

A lot of water - that's for sure - needs hydrangeas, especially on hot days

Care tips from our community

When it comes to irrigation, everyone shares the same opinion: hydrangeas need a lot of water! Especially in the heat, they must be well cared for. Fritz P. pours his hydrangeas up to ten liters a day. Ingeburg P. pours her hydrangeas in between with a mix of R├╝gen healing chalk and water, which is good for them. Even the small offshoot grows and thrives. Because of the large amount of water it is advisable to dip the pot hydrangea with bucket into a bucket of water until no more air bubbles rise, advises Mathilde S... This is of course only possible with potted plants that are not too big.
Michi S. only uses horse manure for fertilization and has had good experiences with it. Ilse W., on the other hand, uses cattle manure, and every year Karola S. fertilizes all hydrangeas with rhododendron fertilizer. Cornelia M. and Eva-Maria B. regularly put coffee grounds in the ground. The nutrients are absorbed by a little loosening of the soil and diligent pouring from the hydrangea roots and at the same time it enriches the soil with humus. Your plants love it!

Fertilize rhododendron with coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are an excellent fertilizer for rhododendrons and other plants that like acid soils

Although hydrangeas are summer flowering plants, they are cut back differently depending on the species and are therefore divided into two cut groups. With a wrong pruning can quickly precipitate the flowering. For modern varieties such as 'Endless Summer' you should already cut off the withered flower stems as in the case of the roses in July. As a result, the hydrangeas become bushier and, with a bit of luck, new flowers will follow in the same year. B├Ąrbel T. advises to have the flower stems dried upside down to make drying arrangements at Christmas time.

In the garden of Barbara H., all the prerequisites for an optimal hydrangea growth seem to be given: She lets her plant grow without special care and is happy that she is getting more and more beautiful. Even Jacky C. has a simple rule: "pour, smile and look forward to their beauty every day."

The MEIN team will help you

If you have problems with plants or general questions in the garden, our large Facebook community will be happy to help. Just like our page and write your question in the comment field under a thematically fitting article. The editors of MEIN will gladly answer your questions about our favorite hobby!

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