Beautiful landscapes in Germany - from the hobby gardener point of view

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Germany has many beautiful landscapes to offer. This is recognized by more and more people. They spend their vacations again increasingly in their own country.
Many know Turkey's coast better than those on the North and Baltic Seas, and they are also great. Although there is no fair weather guarantee in Germany, there is always enough to see and experience when the sun does not laugh. Even for hobby gardeners, there is much to see and get to know. Many parks attract with their plants, also a lot of botanical gardens. Special exhibitions and sales attract thousands of visitors. You can also discover and admire new plants when hiking through nature, through forests, over fields or climbing tours in the mountains.
Wandering through the seasons
Many areas are interesting throughout the year. Others attract many visitors during a certain period of time. Around the year it is ensured that hobby gardeners get their money's worth on an exploration tour.
Worth seeing in spring are of course the spring bloomers. In many parks, the onion plants stretch their heads towards the sun. Everywhere it is colorful, the gloomy season is over, hobby gardeners go on an exploration tour. A special attraction are, for example, the crocus meadows in Drehbach in the Ore Mountains. The large meadows, under nature protection, attract a lot of flower lovers in March and April. At the time of the fruit tree blossoms, there are also many areas worth visiting, e.g. in the Old Country, just outside Hamburg, in the largest contiguous fruit growing area in Germany. But also in Baden, on Lake Constance, around the area Meckenheim in North Rhine-Westphalia, in Muldentalkreis in Saxony and in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, there are plenty of large fruit growing areas, where fruit blossom festivals are celebrated. The plantations and farms attract millions of visitors. The pink and white seas inspire many people every year. During guided walks through the forest and nature you can discover the first colorful splashes of color in many places. Everywhere the spring bloomers are in the starting blocks.
In the summer, when nature is in full bloom, there is also much to see and do. For small excursions, there are always gardens in the neighborhood. Many communities publish lists of private gardens that open to the public on certain days. So you can take a look over the neighbor's garden fence and get lots of suggestions. Since the gardens usually have similar conditions (weather, soil and the like), you can immediately see how certain plants grow and thrive, for which you are also interested. Of course you can also open your own garden.
In the summer is also a good time to visit botanical gardens and many parks. You can find out about special promotions that are on the press or from the internet. Anyway, this provides good tips on what to do, where to see and do things. Nature and discovery trails invite you to get to know certain regions and areas. Even on hiking trails through nature, the interested hobby gardener learns a lot worth knowing. You just have to go through life with your eyes open. The Naturschutzbund, but also other groups organize many guided hikes and events. You learn a lot about plants and living things. If you like to climb, summer is also the best time for touring. Whether in the Alps, in the Ore Mountains, in Saxon Switzerland or elsewhere, there are many beautiful climbing regions.
In autumn, especially wine growing regions are popular with hobby gardeners. The grape harvest is on, the grapevines are full of grapes. Rhineland-Palatinate, the Palatinate itself with its famous wine route, Saxony with the north-easternmost wine-growing region of Germany and Rheinhessen, with the largest wine-growing region in our country are worth a visit at this time. The Saale-Unstrut region, the Rheingau and the Marienthal in the Ahr also offer interesting tours. Depending on the level of fitness you can do larger and smaller trips here. Of course, there are usually already the first spring ways to taste and the wines of yesteryear.
Not to be missed are the harvest festivals in autumn. There is much self-produced and produced from nature offered, homemade so to speak. In autumn, nature is slowly coming to rest and the hobby gardener must prepare his garden for the winter. Time to let the garden season slowly fade away.

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