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They are characterized by broad-bushed and compact growth as well as by a rapid budding of the flowers until autumn. They are available in similar colors as Edelrosen. The flowers are considered weatherproof and the foliage as healthy. Many varieties smell more or less strong.
They reach a height of 30-120cm depending on the variety, with most bed roses have a height of about 40-60cm. They work especially well in groups of 5-10 pieces of a variety. Alone set they seem rather out of place. Depending on the variety, you need about 6-10 pieces per square meter. For large-scale plants set in groups with a few shrubs interrupted they are particularly well suited, they can even be used as a small hedge.
Polyantha and Floribunda
Beetroots are basically subdivided into polyantha and floribunda roses
Polyantha are low growing varieties with large flower tufts, which are composed of many small rose petals. The flowers usually have wavy petals or an open, almost fluttery forms
Floribunda roses are breeds of polyantha with noble roses. Therefore, there are a variety of flower shapes that can range from cupped to densely filled, edelrosengleichen flowers.

Edelrosen - tea hybrid

Edelrose flowers are as you would imagine a classic rose: on long flower stems sits a single well-filled flower. This makes them ideal as cut flowers for the vase. Tea hybrids, as they are called, are more flowering and a classic feature of the variety is the variety of colors that can be found in hardly any other group of roses.
They reach a height of mostly 60 to 120cm, but there are also exceptions very small remaining varieties only reach 40 or 50cm in height. The width may also vary depending on the variety. However, for group plantings, it is recommended to plant about 2-3 red roses per meter or 5-6 pieces per square meter.
In 1867, the Frenchman Jean Baptiste Guillot presented the first noble rose breeding La France. Like a miracle it seems that the Edelrosen are allowed to make a comeback, because about 20 years ago the Teehybriden disappeared from the picture surface, as more and more disease-resistant bedding and small shrub roses were bred, which the sensitive Edelrosen with robustness had nothing to oppose, Here often had to be helped with pesticides and the burgeoning environmental awareness of many hobby gardeners could not reconcile.
Edelrosen with ADR seal of quality
However, the precious rose growers have been diligent and have created many new varieties that are extremely healthy and robust. Some of them received the coveted ADR title, indicating that they are particularly floriferous and robust.
However, most Edelrosen are not as hard-wearing as bed roses and relatives, so there is a special list for the Edelrosen with the most recommended varieties, even if not all received the proven ADR predicate.

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Beetroots - Varieties & Species

Beetroots - varieties of A-Z

Plant bed roses and grow properly

Beetroots not only delight the home gardener with their rich flowering, but also plant safely when planted at the right time. Reason enough for many bed roses in the garden, which is why you will also learn in the article how to multiply bed roses.

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