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Metal is definitely not the number one material when it comes to the design of the garden. And yet you can very often find metal bed frames in the gardens.
The reason for this is of course not necessarily in the look of this material, but rather in its properties.
After all, metal is not only extremely easy to care for, but also has the pleasant side effect of keeping snails out of the confined bed.
Effect of bedding frames made of metal against snails
The metal bed frame is a mechanical solution against snails and dispenses with any use of chemicals. Only the material itself deters the snails.
Snails need a certain surface to move on, on which they can not only glide, but also find support. And this is what they are denied in the case of metal. Metal is too slippery for the snails to move on. Accordingly, metal bed frames are a hurdle that snails can not overcome.
From this point of view, every bedding border made of metal is suitable as a snail defense. However, one can fall back on special worm fences. These combine, in addition to the snail-unfriendly material properties, additional hurdles.
Thus, the upper edges of these worm fences are very sharp and inclined so that the snails, should they crawl up the metal, have to give up at the latest when crossing the bed enclosure.
Professional laying of the bed enclosure made of metal for the best possible snail defense
Of course, there is absolutely nothing against acting against the locomotion characteristics of snails and therefore keeping them away with a metal bed frame. However, this does not always succeed in the desired dimension.
However, this is due to elementary mistakes, so it should be avoided to actually be successful with a metal bed frame in the fight against snails.
Since metal in most gardens does not necessarily visually fit in the picture, many hobby gardeners try to make the metal as little as possible visible. Accordingly, the bedding plantation is integrated so that it is almost at ground level to the inner bed and its surroundings.
And this is where the most massive potential for error lies. The lower the metal wall that the snails have to overcome, the better they can crawl over it. Thus, the largest successes are achieved with metal bed frames in snail control, the greater the distance between the Beetäußerem and the upper edge of the bed frame. About 20 centimeters, the metal should protrude without being covered by earth.
When using special worm fences for bedding their special slope and edge properties should achieve a further anti-snail effect. However, this only succeeds if there is a certain distance between the upper edge of the fence and the bed. Here five centimeters difference should be the minimum, which is to be kept.
Care instructions for bed frames made of metal
Metal for bed enclosures impresses not only by the anti-snail function, but also by the absolute flexibility in the care.
As a suitable metal for use as a bed enclosure stainless steel is to be mentioned as an alternative. On all other metal alloys, you will not have much fun, because they rust your eyesight.
The corrosion not only looks ugly, but also changes the texture of the metal so much that it is no longer uniformly smooth and therefore the snails find a basis for locomotion.
Stainless steel bed frames, on the other hand, do not have this negative characteristic. Such worm fences need only occasionally be cleaned with lukewarm water and some soapy water.
Regular painting is only a matter of appearance and not care and the associated lifetime. However, if painting is desired, only special metal paint should be used. Since such paint begins to splinter, the paint must be removed and replaced after about five years.

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