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You do not have to prepare beetroots fresh. You can also store them without problems and process them later. However, there is a lot to consider during storage.


If you have your own garden, you should harvest the frost-sensitive vegetables as soon as the first few degrees of freezing are expected. However, you must make sure that you do not hurt the tubers, otherwise their juice runs out and the tubers can "bleed". Then storage would be very difficult. The tubers must be prepared in this case actually immediately. If you take care not to injure the tubers at the harvest, but the storage of the beetroot is a breeze. Reading tip: Grow beetroot - That's how it's done.

How to correctly harvest beetroot

Always harvest the beetroot with your grave fork. Lift the tubers and grab them on the leaf base for easy removal. Turn off the leaves afterwards. Now the delicious vegetables are ready to be stored.

How to store beetroot correctly

➤ Store beetroot in the fridge:

You can safely store beetroot in the fridge for two to three weeks. However, you must first wrap the tubers in newspaper so that they do not dry out.

Store beetroots in the cellar:

If you would like to keep the vegetables for a longer period of time, beat out a wooden box with plastic wrap and fill it up to half with well-moistened sand. Then put in the beetroot. Then fill the box completely with sand. In this way, you can now store the tasty vegetables for up to five months. The wooden box with the beetroot is best placed in the cool cellar. In general, the higher the humidity, the better it is for the vegetables, as it will not lose so much water.

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