Cooking beetroots - How to do it right

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If you know beetroot only sweet and sour from the glass, then you have really missed something. Alone already cooked, it is a real treat.

Beetroot alone is already cooked delicious

Some like it, no matter how prepared, the other, however, wrinkle their noses when it is served. We're talking about the beetroot. Granted, you really have to like the taste of the tuber. However, those who prepare them correctly will surely be able to convince one or the other of the taste. After all, most of them make a lot of mistakes when cooking. No wonder then that nobody likes to eat them. Here's why, once described, how to do it right.

This is how you cook beetroot properly

1Before you cook the beetroot, you must first turn off the herb, if present. It is important that you do not cut off the herb, as the beet will otherwise "bleed".

2Then pour the unpeeled beetroot into boiling salted water and let it simmer for about 40 to 60 minutes, depending on its size. The beetroot is even when you no longer encounter resistance when piercing with a fork. After that, you must quench the vegetables with cold water.

3Now you can easily peel off the bowl with a kitchen knife. On the other hand, simply cut off root and trunk. Then you can cut the delicious vegetables into slices or cubes according to the recipe and continue to use them as needed. How about with beetroot bread or pickled red bee?


Always wear gloves when peeling. Beetroot contains betanin, a substance that was previously used for dyeing. Accordingly, he colors your hands so deep red. However, as betanin is not very heat resistant, the red color will be lost again if you wash your hands very warm. However, they could still be a bit red.

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