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It is a true health-conscious, low-calorie, versatile and easy to use: the beetroot. With its high content of folic acid, potassium, vitamin B and iron, the turnip is an important component of healthy nutrition throughout the year. Not only the tuber is suitable for consumption, but in boiled form also the young green. Here, the proportion of important vitamins and minerals is even higher. Incidentally, the name "Bete" has nothing to do with the "bed". It derives from the Latin word "beta" for "turnip".

The great red tuber

Because of its earthy taste and the very penetrating coloring properties, the red beet, or "beetroot", as it is also called Germanized, is rather frowned upon in many households. Hobby gardeners, on the other hand, swear by the good habit and the simple culture of the red tuber. Beetroot grows almost everywhere, is undemanding and provides good yields. In the meantime, the originally biennial plant can also be cultivated once a year. With proper storage, you can enjoy the self-harvested turnips into the winter. The taste depends primarily on the right harvest time. The tubers should not be too big, because then they store water and lose their aroma.

This is how the sowing succeeds

The beets are planted in the spring from mid-April to early June. The cultivation of beetroot almost always succeeds. Not even the weather conditions can affect the turnip. Important, however, are a good soil preparation and the correct sowing method.

Sow beetroot

If the seeds are sown too tightly, the seedlings must be warped later


The bed should be humus rich and lie in full sun. Although beets do well with less light, they then accumulate more nitrate in tubers and foliage. Before sowing, loosen the soil with a cultivator and mince the clods with an iron rake. As a basic fertilizer, work a load of compost as a nutrient into the soil to start. Then stretch over the leveled soil a planting line, so that the Aussaatrille is as straight as possible.
With a trowel or a grooved puller you now lift a two centimeters deep Saatrille. At the summer sowing (latest at the end of June) the groove should be three centimeters deep, so that the seed does not dry out. The seeds often stick together in older varieties. The lumps are placed undivided in the ground. New breeds usually do not have this peculiarity, so they do not have to be isolated later. Place the seeds in the grooves one to five centimeters apart and at least five centimeters apart in the row, one at a time or a few at a time, and cover them flat with soil.

Water beetroot

When casting, use a fine shower to prevent the seeds from being washed out of the groove

Water beetroot well

After sowing, water thoroughly. Beetroot grows fast and germinates at about 20 degrees Celsius. With prolonged dryness during germination or the main growth phase, regular watering ensures rapid development. Bio-tip: From the beginning of tuber formation every two to three weeks dilute comfrey or stinging nettle into the irrigation water or incorporate a purchased high-calorie vegetable fertilizer superficially in the beetle.

Harvest beetroots early

Harvesting red beet

In the case of beetroot, the smaller, the finer

Three to four months after sowing - depending on the variety - the beetroot can be harvested. April seeds are harvested already in the summer. The best flavor possesses the beet, if it is harvested young. If you forego high yields, the juicy tubers can be harvested at a very young age - as so-called baby beets. The adult beets should have a maximum tennis ball size, ie not more than six inches in diameter. Older specimens store a lot of water in their storage cells and therefore taste slightly bland. If you already see bright rings in the pulp, you have missed the optimal harvest time. For storage, only the tubers sown from mid-May to late June, which must have matured on the bed. By the first frost at the latest, all beets must be taken out of the ground.

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