Beetrose 'Bonica' 82 '

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flower Color
  • pink
Flowering time (month)
  • June to September
  • tuft
  • filled
  • Trugdolden
leaf color
  • green
leaf shape
  • feathered
  • serrated
Ornamental or utility value
  • Bl├╝tenschmuck
  • ornamental fruit
  • flower beds
  • ground cover
  • group planting
  • privacy
  • hardy
growth habit
  • upright
  • bushy
  • Thorns or spines

  • sunny to partially shaded
  • gritty to clayey
soil moisture
  • moderately dry to moderately moist
PH value
  • neutral to slightly acidic
  • kalktolerant
nutritional requirements
  • nutritious
  • humous
garden style
  • cottage garden
  • flower garden
  • park
  • rose Garden


'Bonica' 82 'exists since 1982. It is one of the bedding and ground cover roses and comes from the breeding of Meilland. This variety of roses bears a lot of flowers with pink petals. In the year of her publication, she was awarded the ADR title, which, however, was revoked in 2012 due to increased demands. In 2003 she was awarded the title "World Rose".


The bed rose is between 40 and 80 centimeters high and reaches 40 centimeters in width. It grows broad bushy and medium strong and is loosely branched.


The foliage is sturdy, shiny and dark green in color. The leaves are small to medium sized.


'Bonica' 82 'flowers in intense pink. The strikingly rounded buds form filled, not fragrant flowers with six to eight centimeters in diameter, which are several together in clusters. The more flowering bed rose pleases its owners with a long, almost uninterrupted flowering time into the winter. If you do not remove the faded pile, it forms rosehips.


This rose variety is easy to clean and is considered very robust. It is very hardy, salt and rain resistant and thrives in high altitudes. Against Sternru├čtau she is only moderately resistant and also somewhat prone to powdery mildew.


'Bonica 82' is suitable for rough layers and light partial shade. It can be placed in small or larger groups with 45 to 50 centimeters planting distance.

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