Begonias: Opulent perennials

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Begonias cause a sensation especially with their garland shapes. In sunny yellow, fiery orange and spirited red, their flower-strewn stems are highlights in hanging baskets and window boxes. The selection of begonia species and varieties is huge. They differ both in the leaf and flower form as well as in their growth. Hanging shapes are ideal for hanging baskets and tall tubs, while the upright-growing varieties look good in balcony boxes and smaller pots - as soloists or in combination with other balcony flowers. Varieties with small, unfilled flowers survive strong rainstorms best.

Ensure water drainage

little girl pours begonias

Begonias should not dry out

In any case, it is important that the soil in the planter is always sufficiently moist - but avoid waterlogging. Begonias like it permanently moist, but they should not stand too wet. When planting, always fill a 5 cm high drainage layer of expanded clay or gravel into a pot with a drain hole at the bottom. Then the begonias can be used and the gaps filled with soil.

Maintain begonias properly

Instead of buying ready-made plants, one can also prefer begonia tubers in pots from February. In both cases, they are only allowed to go outside to the icy saints when no frost threatens. Once a week, the plants should also be supplied with liquid fertilizer. Begonias bloom until autumn. If you want, you can overwinter your tubers indoors.

Multiply begonias by cuttings

Plant begonias in flower box

Because of their tireless flowering, begonias are popular balcony flowers

Anyone who has already found his favorite begonia can enjoy it for several years if he propagates it from cuttings in the fall. For this purpose about eight centimeters long shoot tips are cut off. Remove all but the top two leaves. Cover a water-filled glass with plastic wrap and prick holes for the cuttings. So the leaves stay nice and dry. After about two to three weeks, the first roots appear. Then you can transplant the offshoots in pots that overwinter brightly at ten to 15 degrees.

Begonias: Great varieties

The Begonia 'Unstoppable Upright Fire' shines intensely orange-red. Above its dark foliage, the upright flowers are especially good.
The flowers of the hanging Begonia 'Beauvilia White' hang lusciously over the pot edge. The plant is the ideal cast for hanging staff and brings grace to the balcony.

Hanging Begonia summerwings

'Summerwings' is tolerant to heat and drought and therefore the right choice for sunny, warm places

The large-flowered breed 'Fragrant Falls' wraps the balcony into a fruity scent cloud.
While the yellow variety 'Lemon' comes along lemony-fresh, 'Peach' exudes an intense peach note.
The hanging Begonia 'Summerwings' transforms the veranda with the varieties 'White' and 'Orange' into a happy sea of ​​flowers. It is suitable for both traffic lights and buckets.

Upright fire in the flowerpot

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Begonias: Opulent perennials: balcony

Begonias: Opulent perennials: begonias

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'Unstoppable Upright Fire'

Begonias: Opulent perennials: balcony

'Pendula yellow'

Begonias: Opulent perennials: flowers


Begonias: Opulent perennials: their

'Miss Montreal'

Upright fire in the flowerpot

yellow Bagonie Cascade

Hanging begonias Champagne

Miss Montreal in the basket

The spherical 'Big Pink Green Leaf' thrives in both the sun and the shade.
The flowers of the Big series are reminiscent of those of the ice begonias, but are significantly larger at eight centimeters.
The bell-shaped flowers of the hanging Begonia 'Bossa Nova F1' are in strong red. The rainproof novelty branches well and has quickly filled the whole pot.
The contrast of dark foliage and white flowers makes the charm of the variety 'Unstoppable Upright White' out. Keck also reveal the yellow stamens.
A great novelty is the hanging begonia 'Champagne' with filled apricot flowers.

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