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The tuber begonia (Begonia x tuberhybrida), planted in gardens, green areas and on balconies, is particularly inspiring due to its long flowering period. Our varieties are hybrids whose ancestral parents were introduced in 1865 from the Andes of Peru and Bolivia. Thanks to their preference for shady locations, tuber colonies are popular balcony flowers for less sun-drenched locations on the north or west balcony. Since they get along with little light, the frost-sensitive perennial plants are easy to drive on the windowsill and then, with good care already at the beginning of the balcony flower season from May in bloom.

Get tuber begonias out of hibernation

Begonia tubers

Begonia tubers are inserted with the dented side up

Tuberous begonias are preferred from February so that they bloom abundantly in the summer. The period from mid-February to March is ideal to get the tubers from hibernation. Reliable, they flower anew each year. Put the flat tubers already in the middle of February in earth-filled pots. The bowl-like depression of the tuber must point upwards, because at this point the shoots form later. As a plant substrate is used normal balcony potting soil. The begonias should not be too wet, so mix the potting soil with some sand. Then lay the tubers flat in the ground (pay attention to the top and bottom). The tubers should be only about half covered with earth.

Plant tuberous begonias

When planting the begonia tubers, make sure that the depression points upwards and is not covered with soil

Design options with begonias

Tuber begonias are also suitable for pots, window boxes, beds and large plantings. If you want to combine your tuberous begonia in May with other shady balcony flowers in the flower box, you should drive the begonias in smaller pots and from May on together with the other plants in the flower box implement. Large-flowered tuber begonias such as the attractive variety "Non Stop Yellow" provide luminous effects. The waterfall-like, filled flowers of the variety "Cascade" pour lush over the hanging pommels. Tuber begonias can also be planted in the garden in very dark places, for example under conifers.

Nursing schedule around the year

Tuber Begonia champagne

The tuber begonia "Champagner" delights with a true flowering of flowers in an elegant golden yellow

Only finally clear the sensitive plants when the last night frosts are over (mid-May). Tuberous begonias feel most comfortable in partial shade to shade. In the balcony box, keep a plant distance of 20 centimeters, as begonias grow strongly and the plants easily rot when they are too crowded. Begonias bloom untiringly from June to frost. Remove wilted flowers regularly to avoid fungal attack. With the first frost, the tubers are then dug up again and the aboveground shoots are cut off. Allow the tubers to dry and overwinter in a box of sand or sawdust in the cool, dark basement at five to ten degrees.

flowering begonia

Flowering begonias are a feast for the eyes all summer long

Pull begonias out of seeds

If you want to grow tuber seedlings from seeds, you have to start very early. Already in December and January, the very fine and therefore pilled seed is sown (one gram of seed contains up to 60,000 seeds!). Since begonias are light germs, the pills are only slightly pressed into loose, humus and low-salt seed soil. It must never dry out. Pikiert is quite soon, also initially additional lighting is advisable because the seeds need a lot of light. In a sunny to partially shaded outdoor location, the plants may only when no more frost threaten.

Do not let begonias dry out

In a bright window seat sprout at temperatures above 15 degrees Celsius and initially low watering soon, the first leaves. The more it gets, the moister you keep the earth. Never pour so much that the substrate is dripping wet and avoid pouring directly on the tubers! Show first shoots, the plant place warmer! It is best to add liquid balcony plant fertilizer into the irrigation water every 14 days. If the fresh sprouts form in March / April, the first flowers, you pinch them out, so that the plants do not shoot their "powder" too early. From April onwards, it hardens its tuberous begonias by placing them outside during the day in warm weather in a shady spot under trees. After the Eisheiligen in the middle of May they are allowed to go outside.

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