Use beneficials against pests

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Most well-known beneficial: the ladybug

Plants that grow in the garden have natural enemies. But you can use beneficials against pests to fight them.

Most well-known beneficial: the ladybug
The best example is the ladybug, which is particularly good for aphids. Now one might assume that plants that grow in the greenhouse or conservatory, such pests do not have. But of course everyone knows that that is not the case. Certainly, pests are not as common here as they are outdoors, but also plants that grow indoors are attacked by lice and co.

Buy beneficials
If plants are attacked by pests, then many quickly resort to pesticides, although this is not necessary. Because there are in the trade to buy beneficials that you can use indoors. These include, for example, the larvae of the seven-pointed ladybug (against lice), the larvae of the lacewing (also against lice) or the predatory mites (against spider mites).

Let us advise you the best
If you want to use beneficial insects for pest control, then you must ensure that the right temperatures and the right humidity prevail so that the beneficials can hatch and become active. The professional gardener can give you more information here.

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