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The alternative beneficials in the garden, to the conventional chemical plant treatment - and fertilizers, of course, requires some knowledge. A rethinking is required to get even beneficials in a garden. Operating a one-sided species spectrum, the radical destruction of any weed and the expulsion of unwelcome animal and plant visitors, are poor conditions to host beneficials.
In the regulation of damage agents, some species could definitely help us. They occur in nature and through a beneficial design of our garden, they will come by themselves and do their work.
Another point I would like to mention is the observation and simultaneous learning of the natural interaction of animals and plants in the garden habitat. On the one hand, the food web plays an important role in an ecosystem. The different groups in the food web have characteristics that we appreciate in beneficials. Predators such as larvae, pests, adult animals feed on pollen and honeydew. Other hunters are spiders, birds, bats and lizards. Parasites and microorganisms (fungi, bacteria, viruses) are also pest killers as they develop and kill themselves in a host animal.
There are a variety of ways to get food webs with all these representatives in a garden. Here are some basic requirements. In order to protect beneficial insects should be used against small pest infestation not immediately a chemical substance, aphids should be left alive so that ladybirds can prevent a major plague. If there are no lice, there is no ladybird. A varied structure of the planting, preferably local, provides nourishment to the beneficial insects. Different flowering times ensure a long gapless flowering period. Since many beneficials overwinter in perennials, they should not be cut back until spring. Floor litter and mulch layers on borders and under hedges offer beneficial insects an ideal refuge, even wintering is possible here. Hedgehog, mouse weasel, ermine and polecat, important antagonists of field - and voles, like to overwinter in large heaps of leaves, he should stay in a certain part of the garden. Cairns in the sun are ideal for newts, beetles and shrews. There are many more ways to get the little helpers in the garden.

Use beneficials in the garden: beneficials garden

Predatory mites against spider mites - Application - Information on breeding

A small creation of nature is a serious problem for the gardener and his green plants: the spider mite. When she arrives, no sheet is safe from her. But nature also provided us with a solution right away: the predatory mite.

Use parasitic wasps against moths

Moths are a real plague in every household, which is virtually impossible to control without help. If no chemicals are to be used in the affected premises, parasitic wasps are the optimal solution to the moth problem.

Use predatory mites and breed yourself

They are tiny and yet highly effective in pest control: predatory mites, small arachnids that feed on all sorts of other animals of their size. Thus, they make an enormous contribution to pest control and are also on a large scale (especially in viticulture) to be worth protecting beneficial organisms.

Insert nematodes in the garden

Some say nematodes, others know them as roundworms. This name was deliberately chosen, because it is paper-thin animals that are not visible to the naked eye.

Lacewing (Lacewing larvae) use against aphids

For example, roses are not only the favorite plants of many people, they are also among the preferred plants of aphids. These tap, among other things, the unique roses by means of a Stechrüssels and so weaken their respective host plant considerably.

Ladybug larvae used against aphids

The ladybug's favorite food is aphids. His whole life he feeds mainly on these. Especially the larvae are voracious and kill at the larval stage, which lasts 3 weeks, 400 to 600 aphids per animal.

Video Board: Building A Host Environment For Beneficial Insects with Paul Zimmerman.

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