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With evergreen leaves and a fancy spring bloom, the Bergenia (Bergenia) impresses in many gardens. In 2017, the saxifrage plant was therefore not chosen as the perennial of the year for no reason. With its pink or even white flowers, the Bergenie enchants from April to May, but its true adornment lies in its leaves. Many varieties also show a magnificent autumn color and the variety 'Herbstbl├╝te' shows even in September a second showy flower.

This is where Bergenie feels most comfortable

The robust mountains develop best on sunny areas. Planted on gravel or fresh, nutrient rich soil, they are an excellent structural plant year-round. In the penumbra, they can also be planted well, but they do not bloom here so strong. In contrast, the Kashmir berry (Bergenia ciliata), one of the few evergreen species, grows best in the cool shade.

Good combination partner for the Bergenie

The nuts and bolts of a good partnership are the same location requirements of the plants and there are many potential partners for the sun-loving Bergenie. An evenly moist and nutrient-rich soil is the basis of a successful combination. It is also important that the planting partners are not in competition with each other and thus displace each other. For a closed and visually beautiful planting, we present to you four partners who harmonize well with the Bergenie and highlight their beauty.

Carpet Japan sedge 'Icedance'

foam flower

The graceful foliage of the carpet-Japanese sedge 'Icedance' (left) forms an equally beautiful contrast to the large leaves of the Bergenia, as the filigree flowers of the foam bloom (right)

The delicate 'Icedance' Carpet Japan sedge (Carex morowii ssp. Foliosissima) stands out for its variegated leaves. It thrives particularly well on nutrient-rich, loose soils. Her soft, narrow leaves radiate a calm, harmonious mood. The right balance in the bed can be found with strong growing perennials. Planting with the Steinbrechgew├Ąchs Bergenie fits very well. This combination is also nice to look at in autumn, when the foliage of the Bergenie turns reddish.

Simultaneously with the Bergenie, the low-growing foam bloom (Tiarella cordifolia) opens its white flowers. This shrub forms flat carpets and grows very well in partially shaded locations. Planted between Bergenien a wonderful picture emerges in the bed: From a white sea of ÔÇőÔÇőfoam blossoms rise the higher flower heads of the Bergenie and set with brilliant violet a great contrast. These two perennials fit very well in modern landscaped gardens.



Boobs (left) bloom immediately after the Bergenien, so you always have color in the bed. The fine flowers of the star dagger (right) make a great contrast to the foliage of the Bergenie

With numerous flower spikes of pure white to violet violet impressive the Ast├╝st (Astilbe). As light as a feather, the flowers appear in June / July above their green, glossy foliage. It is very well suited as wild-romantic Hinterpflanzen of Bergenien. Their flowers are a real eye-catcher in front of the green foliage of the magnificent pier. Through their successive flowering they always set the color accents in the bed. In contrast to the dark green fleshy leaves with the Bergenie's red accents, the white-flowered pier is creating a 'bridal veil'.

With its dainty flower umbels in white, pink or purple the star thorn (Astrantia) attracts all eyes. Sunny and nutrient-rich soils are her favorite, but even in partial shade she grows well. Their species differ only in plant height, flower color and size. With Bergenia, you can easily combine small star-shaped umbels (Astrantia minor) and giant star-shaped umbels (Astrantia maxima). These are visually under or significantly above those of the Bergeniens with their flowers. This height emphasizes the wild and natural character of this beautiful plant combination.

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