Bergenien, Bergenia - varieties and care instructions

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Bergenia Bergenia

If further Bergenien are desired for the garden, then several uncomplicated methods of propagation are available:
  • Division of root ball in spring or autumn
  • Rooted root pieces of 5 cm in length in a pot with a lean substrate
  • Sow the seeds behind glass
The very fine, brown seeds sow directly into the bed, is rarely crowned with success. Better you use the low-working winter time to pull young Bergenien on the windowsill. At a constant 20 degrees Celsius and a constant water supply, the seeds germinate quickly.
Strictly speaking, it is the jewelry leaves that make up the charm of Bergenien. Heart-shaped, with a sawn, often red-shimmering edge, they attract all attention. Especially during the barren winter season Bergenia stage with their painted-seeming Prachtlaub in the bed and on the balcony. If the pink, red or white umbelliflora on the fleshy stalk rises proudly over the leaves in early spring, even the greatest doubters must grant this stonefruit plant the attribute of a flower beauty. The maintenance effort for the jewelry shrubs is hardly worth mentioning. Watering in dry conditions, fertilizing every 3-4 weeks with compost and pruning before the next sprouting, even the debutants among amateur gardeners pose no challenge. Propagation and rejuvenation go hand in hand. If they are getting old, take up the root ball, cut it up and put the segments into fresh soil.

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