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When asked which autumn dyers would recommend perennial gardeners, the most common answer is: Bergenien of course! Although there are also other types of perennials with beautiful autumn colors, but berries are particularly large-leaved, evergreen and show in mild winters months their beautiful foliage color. But that's not all: The 'Autumn Blossom' variety will even bring new flowers in September. The downer is that it has no autumn color. But some other, earlier varieties sometimes show single new flower stems in autumn.

Blossom of the Bergenie 'Admiral'

Bergenie 'autumn blossom'

The pink blossom of the Bergenie 'Admiral' (left) shows from April to May. 'Herbstblüte' (right) is a Bergenie with reliable second flowering in September. However, their leaves remain green in autumn and dry in heavy frost

As Herbstfärber particularly recommendable are the Bergenien varieties 'Admiral' and 'Eroica'. Both are very robust and bear in the cold season bright red or bronze-brown leaves, which dry only with stronger frosts and then lose their magnificent color. Their pink flowers appear in April and May and develop a strong luminosity with good long-range effect. The upright flower stalks of 'Eroica' stand above the foliage and are among the longest and most powerful of all Bergenien. They are also doing very well in the vase.

Autumn coloration of the Bergenie 'Eroica'

Bergenie 'Eroica' stems

'Eroica' is a Bergenien-breeding of the famous perennial gardener Ernst Pagels. It is very robust and colors its undersides bright red, while the tops show a bronze brown color (left). The flowers of 'Eroica' stand on long upright stems (right)

A perennial for lazy gardeners

The regular sharing of perennials is tedious and time consuming - but in many species that must be, otherwise they would disappear after a few years. The good news: Bergenien can be shared, but you can also just let it grow. The perennials do not lose out and slowly conquer larger areas with creeping rhizomes, without becoming annoying. Even in terms of the soil and location Bergenien are undemanding: normal, well-drained garden soil in an absonniger, somewhat sheltered from the east wind situation guarantees a great autumn color. In addition, Bergenien are healthy and drought-resistant - in short: You will hardly find a less susceptible perennial.

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