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Berry wines from grapes, raspberries, currants or other berries are quite easy to produce. It is important that the fruits are ripe and healthy.
Every gardener can make his own wine from a few pounds of berries today. The main work is done by tiny little yeast fungi, which in principle are present on every fruit. Our job is to handle the fermentation process correctly and to bottle the finished wine in good time.
In addition to the berries, water, lactic acid, sugar, pure-bred yeast, yeast nutrient salt, potassium pyrosulfite and antigel are needed as ingredients for the homemade berry wine. Antigel is an anti-gelling agent that keeps the pressed fruit fluid and does not turn into jelly.
Steps on the example of blackcurrants
The berries are picked, washed and stalked. For a liter of juice you need about 1.5 kilograms of berries. The fruit is heated together with water, at least 50 degrees. Then add the antigel and let it rest for 12 hours. After this time, the mash was created, a fruit pulp, which is the basis of the berry wine. The mash is pressed through a linen bag or a trub bag. The resulting juice is mixed with sugar and potassium pyrosulfite. Add the pure yeast and the nutrient salt. This juice comes in the fermentation vessel. The fermentation seal is placed, the vessel sealed airtight. The fermentation takes place best at room temperature. One should have the proof in the eye, so that it does not dry out and air comes to the wine.
The fact that the fermentation of the berry wine is completed can be recognized by the fact that no more gas bubbles form. The fermentation tank should be brought to a cooler place. There, the yeast and the trub substances can settle.
When this is done, the berry wine is transferred to another vessel. Here, the last Trubstoffe settle and the wine separates from the dregs. You have to repeat the process (tapping) until the wine is clear. If the wine remains cloudy or other wine defects occur, one must assume that in the wine making mistakes were made, so-called wine defects.
wine faults
The most famous wine defect is the so-called brown break, a brownish discoloration of the wine and a slight sherry taste. Otherwise, the wine can be bitter or just cloudy. However, there are countermeasures for almost all wine defects.
Add 4 kilograms of fruits, 5 liters of water, 20 ml Antigel to it, plus 3 kilograms of sugar and 1 gram of potassium pyrosulfite, 1 bottle of pure yeast and 4 grams of yeast nutrient salt
Frozen fruits
If you do not have a garden and therefore can not use fresh fruit, you should try it with frozen berries. You get the year-round in supermarkets. It should be noted that some berries have more aroma than others. Raspberries have a dominant taste. Strawberries quickly lose their aroma.
The wine made from frozen fruits is a great summer wine, very refreshing, especially if it is drunk well chilled. To emphasize the fruitiness, a mash fermentation should be carried out.

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