The best shrubs for the early summer

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The Campanula glomerata (Campanula glomerata) flowers from June to August. It is 50 to 60 cm high, needs a sunny to half shady location and a humus rich soil. They are available in blue, violet and white.

The Centaurea Montana (Centaurea montana) thrives best in a sunny to half shady spot on nutrient rich soil. It is 50 cm high and shows its flowers in blue, pink or white from May to July.
Tip: She also lingers in the vase for a long time.

The purple pink Shooting Star (Dodecatheon meadia) blooms from May to June in partially shaded to shady locations. It needs a lime-poor soil and will be 30 cm high.
Tip: Fits well in rockeries or under trees.

The Bleeding heart (Dicentra spectabilis) flowers pink and white from May to June, preferably in semi-shade. It is 60 to 80 cm high and needs a loose, nutrient-rich soil.
Tip: Protect plants with cardboard from late frosts.

Milkweed 'Fireglow' (Euphorbia griffithii) flowers from May to June and is 80 cm tall. She loves a sunny to half shady spot and loose soil. They are available in orange to red.
Tip: Cover with brushwood in the first winter.

Of the Gnarled cranesbill (Geranium nodosum) flowers lilac-pink from May to September and becomes 50 cm tall. It needs a half shady to shady location and humus rich soil.
Tip: He is well suited for green area.

The Dumortier's daylily (Hemerocallis dumortieri) flowers yellow and orange from May to June and can reach heights of 15 to 60 cm. She likes it sunny to partially shaded and needs a nutrient-rich soil.
Tip: It grows well on pond edges.

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