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Roses generally love it sunny and airy and should not be planted too densely. Otherwise there is a bad air circulation in the rosary, at the rose trap or in the bucket. Their long roots also need enough space to thrive. A very important role for the queen of flowers is the right timing of their planting in the garden and pot. Here, however, it depends on whether it is so-called root-bare roses or container roses.
Bare roses
Root-bare roses are roses that are not planted in a container or pot and are offered open from mid-October to late April. Some roses are wrapped in foil to protect their roots. These roses can be planted as long as the soil is not frozen or frozen. If the roses are planted in spring, they will bloom in the year of planting, but only late. If they are planted in the fall, they get a well-heated soil. Usually there is enough rain, that the roses grow well and develop new roots until the frost. These roses are ready early in the following spring for the new shoot and an early first flowering.
Before planting in autumn, the shoots of the roses are cut back to about 25 to 35 centimeters. When planted in spring to 15 centimeters. Likewise, the roots are cut slightly. Before being placed in the ground, the roses are placed overnight in a bucket of water. You need to be able to soak up water well.
Tip: Always pay attention to the weather. At the time of planting it should not be cold and damp. During rainy seasons do not plant roses!
planting hole
Lift the planting hole with a spade. The size of the plant hole depends on the size of the root ball. The width and height of the plant hole should always be a hand's breadth greater than the circumference of the roots. The bottom of the plant hole is loosened with a grave fork, so that the roots can grow well into the soil. This increases the stability of the rose.
potting soil
Ideal is Rosenerde from the trade or even mixed plant substrate with about one-third mature compost. You can also mix in some finely ground lime and mineral fertilizer.
Insert Rose

  • Conditioning point must be located five centimeters deep below the earth's surface
  • Roots should hang freely in the air
  • Fill planting hole with soil
  • Easy on earth
  • Water strongly with a hose or watering can
Tip: The root-bare roses planted in autumn are then immediately added to the seed. Only the shoot tips should look out.
container roses
Container roses are roses that are planted in containers or pots. They are usually offered throughout the year in the trade and can be planted all year round. However, the soil must not be frozen for this type of offer.
Container roses are also watered well before planting. They are placed in a bucket of water with a pot and only taken out again when there are no more bubbles.
planting hole
The planting hole should measure in width and depth twice the bale size of the container rose. Again, the soil in the hole is well loosened again.
potting soil
You can also use rose soil for container roses or mix the soil yourself. In order to make it easier for the roses to grow, it is also possible to mix the soil from the container with compost and to feed it into the planting hole.
Insert Rose
Carefully remove the pot and slightly loosen the roots of the container rose. The container roses are planted so deeply that their finishing point is five centimeters below the surface. Fill the planting hole with soil and lightly pin it down. Then water the rose well.
Tip: You can also build a so-called casting wall for all roses. When the earth begins to form anyway a small hollow that you can deepen further, so that around them creates a wall and the irrigation water can not run away.
Rose tired ground
If you want to plant roses in your garden where roses have been for years, then new specimens will thrive there very badly or not at all. Experts suspect this soil fatigue as a result of the interaction of nematodes (root rot), root exudates of roses and microorganisms. If you still want to plant roses at this point, then lift a very large planting hole (about 80 x 80 x 80 centimeters) and fill it with humus soil from another garden area in which there were no roses.
Roses in the pot
The best time to plant roses in pots and pots is spring. In principle, you can plant each rose in a bucket.They should, however, prefer hard-wearing varieties to survive the winter well and be less susceptible to disease.
The roses are watered well and a little shortened. The duration and the cut depend on the offer form: container roses or bare root specimens.
The pots, troughs and tubs should always be big enough and deep enough. The best is a cylindrical shape of the pots, as the roses have long taproots. The root ball must have at least 10 centimeters of space on each side of the planter to the vessel wall in order to develop well. The vessels must necessarily have a vent hole.
plant substrate
Rosenerde is also recommended for the roses in the pot. However, if you want to mix the soil yourself, you can add about a third of mature compost and finely ground lime and mineral fertilizer, as well as the mixture for the roses in the garden. To save fertilizer in the summer, mix in some horn shavings. These have a good long-term fertilizer effect.
Insert Rose
  • Potsherd on vent hole
  • a layer of gravel over it
  • on it a piece of fleece
  • fill in a little plant substrate
  • Use the rose loosely
  • Conversion point about five centimeters below the surface
  • to fill the root ball substrate
  • Substrate surface two fingers below the edge of the vessel
  • Press substrate well
  • water well
Growth in the first few months, as well as the first flowering of roses depend on when they are planted, especially on bare root roses. While container roses are easier, as they already have a considerable root mass, root-bare roses need to be well rooted first to be able to absorb enough nutrients - whether they are planted in the garden or in pots. Container roses can even be planted if they are already blooming.

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