Best planting of flowers for flower boxes and balconies

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Also you should not pour over flowers and leaves and ideally with rainwater. In the meantime also flower boxes with so-called filler neck are offered in the trade. These have the advantage that the plants always have a certain amount of water, which is especially useful if you are often away for a long time.
Error sowing and planting
  • When sowing the balcony flowers you have to distinguish between light or dark germ.
  • It is also important to separate the seedlings as early as possible.
  • Before planting, it is advisable to thoroughly water the root ball of the flowers.
  • After planting, it should not be forgotten to press the soil well.
  • This is to prevent that cavities can form in the earth.
Tip: Cavities remaining in the soil could promote mold growth and permanently damage the flowers.

The best plants for north, east, south and west balconies

North balconies
The orientation of the balcony plays a decisive role in the selection of flowers for the planting of flower boxes, because only in the optimal location the plants thrive well. There is hardly any sun on the north balcony. Therefore plants are suitable for this, which feel more comfortable in the shade. These include u.a. Lobelia, hard-wearing Lieschen, hydrangeas, begonias, dahlia, snowflake flower or the purple bell.
East and west balconies
East and west balconies are usually ideal for planting, because here the plants are sometimes sunny and sometimes shady, ideal conditions for most plants. While east-facing balconies have sunshine in the morning in particular, west-facing balconies tend to be sunny in the evenings. Accordingly, especially flowers can be planted here, which are suitable for partially shaded areas. These could be, for example, petunias, but also lilies, night violets, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, fuchsias, dahlias or industrious Lieschen would be suitable for this.
south-facing balconies
For south-facing balconies you should only select flowers that tolerate sun all day, even blazing midday sun in the summer. These include u.a. Daisies, petunias, lemons, geraniums, the blue fan flower, the elven spur, the blue daisy, the hussar head, the porcupine or the vanilla flower.
Flowering areas are mostly sparsely populated, especially in cities. It is all the more important to equip your own balcony with lush flower boxes and tubs. Best planting times of the different types of flowers can not be called blanket, because they depend on several factors. While frost-sensitive plants are mainly planted in spring, frost-hardy plants can be planted partially into winter. In addition to the robustness of the plants, the particular orientation of the balcony also plays an important role. For example, if you plant sun-hungry flowers on a north-facing balcony, you will not enjoy the plants, even with the best of care, as they can not develop optimally here.

Video Board: Isabelle Palmer, The Balcony Gardener on planting in small spaces.

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