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Yellow roses are something very special in the garden, because the yellow flower color has been included in the color palette of roses only after many years of breeding work. From the huge selection of cultivars we present the best yellow roses and their varieties, which are characterized by a robust health and a strikingly beautiful color.

In the history of rose cultivation, the development of yellow roses is an outstanding achievement dar. The first only in red and white tones blooming breeding roses received in this country namely suddenly strong competition when in 1580 the first yellow fox rose (Rosa foetida, also pink lutea) imported from Asia has been. From the filled form Rosa foetida 'Persian Yellow' finally emerged, after numerous breeding attempts, the first European yellow garden roses. The Fox Rose is therefore the mother of all yellow or orange roses that we can admire in our assortment. One of the best-known yellow roses is undoubtedly the Edelrose 'Gloria Dei' (cover picture). However, its flowers show only yellow when blooming, later they adorn a striking, pink-red edge. Standing alone on about 60 centimeters high stems flowers are ideal as cut flowers for the vase.

Yellow bed roses

Beetrose 'Yellow Meilove'

Beetrose 'Friesia'

The bedding roses 'Yellow Meilove' (left) and 'Friesia' (right) make every flowerbed shine

Its special luminosity is the specialty of the yellow bed rose 'Yellow Meilove' of the rose grower family Meilland. The densely filled flowers appear in umbels in front of the dark green, glossy foliage. The robust variety flowers early and the lemon-scented flowers last until the fall. Kordes' 'Friesia' bed rose with its full, pale yellow flowers is considered the best yellow rose of the 70s. With a height of 60 centimeters, it grows heavily branched and bushy. Its flowers are very weather-resistant and emit a pleasant scent from June.

Yellow hellebores

'Western Style'

'La Perla'

Here we show the ADR winner of 2010 'Westart' (left) and the 2008 'La Perla' (right)

Among the precious roses there are some award-winning representatives in yellow, such as the varieties 'Limona' or 'Sunny Sky' of Kordes. But also the breeder Noack has set standards with the Edelrose 'Westart'. The beautiful, medium-sized, filled rose grows broad-bushy and densely branched. With a height and width of about 70 centimeters 'Westart' remains rather compact. 'La Perla', the pearl, Kordes calls his rose with the nostalgic, cream-colored flowers. Unlike the bright yellow representatives, 'La Perla' looks romantic and elegant with its delicate flower color and light fragrance. The variety reaches a height of about one meter and grows 70 centimeters in width.

Yellow shrub roses

'Gold Sparrow'

'Carles Darwin'

'Goldspatz' (left) and 'Carles Darwin' (right) are two romantic yellow shrub roses

A beautiful, overhanging growth distinguishes the shrub rose 'Goldspatz' of the breeder Kordes. The up to 130 cm high and almost as wide shrub rose shows a pale yellow, very fragrant flower. After the strong first pile, more follow, until finally the red rosehips develop in autumn. If you love English roses, you'll love David Austin with the 'Charles Darwin'. The large-flowered, densely filled Leander hybrid presents itself in a rich shade of yellow and exudes a wonderful fragrance. The shrub rose grows upright and grows up to 120 centimeters high. 'Charles Darwin' blooms from June to September.

Yellow climbing roses

Golden Gate


Both the variety 'Golden Gate' (left) and 'Alchymist' (right) climb several meters high

The Kordes Climbing Rose 'Golden Gate' already received the ADR title in 2006 and subsequently numerous other awards in international rose competitions. Their captivating fragrance and their good health make the up to three meter high climbing variety to one of the most popular yellow climbing roses. The densely filled, yellow to orange red climbing rose 'Alchymist' (also from Kordes) has been one of the top climbing roses since the 1950s. The extremely hardy Ramblerrose is once flowering. She also tolerates partially shaded locations and presents her beautiful flowers in up to three meters in height.

Yellow small shrub roses



The small shrub rose 'Solero' (left) flowers lemon yellow 'Sedana' (right) rather apricot-colored

The small shrub rose 'Solero' by Kordes brings the summer into the bed with a heavily filled, lemon-yellow blossom. The versatile yellow rose is about 70 inches high and only slightly wider. It flowers reliably until the fall. 'Sedana' by Noack grows broad-bushed and has semi-filled, yellow-apricot-colored flowers. They form a nice contrast to the dark green foliage.The small shrub rose can be used as a flowering ground cover and is also suitable for planters.

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