Damp the false ceiling & move in

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Damp the false ceiling & move in

To many expansion projects involves the insertion of a false ceiling. Sometimes the raised bottom allows the planning of a second level in the expansion.
False ceiling with insulation and vapor barrier
If you remove a pointed bottom that is steeper than 50 degrees, you can usually retract a complete intermediate floor. If you do not belong to the experts yourself, you should leave the planning of the ceiling in this case to an architect. Not only for the planning permission usually required for such a project a lot of details have to be considered. That starts with the choice of material. In an old half-timbered house you will probably want to move into the loft of a wooden beam ceiling. This places entirely different requirements on the construction than a subsequently inserted concrete ceiling.
In the case of a new ceiling embedded in the wall or in the roof, you have the choice: you either insulate the entire roof to the top or just the newly developed attic room to the new top floor ceiling. For variant 1, the
As a rule, suspended ceilings are only soundproofed, but the architect must exclude thermal bridges when the ceiling is laterally anchored.
In the second case, the false ceiling is the last thermally insulated element in the house, so it must be completely insulated. Then it has to be decided whether the insulation is under or above the false ceiling. As a rule, the insulation on the ceiling is correct if the rest of the attic is to remain cold. In this case, the vapor barrier is laid under the insulation to the warm side. When calculating the insulation, it is decisive that the dew point is correct and does not shift to an unfavorable area of ​​the insulating layer due to incorrect thickness or incorrect layer structure.
Which insulation in the individual case is correct, you should calculate in each case with the support of a specialist for the individual case. He deals with the materials used in your house and advises you which material and which vapor barrier with which Sd value (tightness) you should use.
The false ceiling as a gallery
Even with the horizontal division of high old building a building permit may be required, also with regard to the static it is recommended to leave the planning of a false ceiling made of solid building material to an architect. For example, if a proper concrete floor is to be pulled, which forms a second floor, which can be reached via a staircase.The false ceiling against noise
Even if noise from the upper floor bothers you, the solution can be the insertion and insulation of a false ceiling.
Here, too, the construction law can result in requirements, for example due to fire regulations, so you should definitely ask a specialist whether an authority needs to be switched on.

  • The insulation can basically be attached to the ceiling, then the sound insulation decoupling done by the use of spring clips in the attachment and by occupying the supporting battens with insulating strips at all contact points. The rest is caused by the insulation itself, which should consist of at least 4 mm cellulose, mineral or wood fiber mats.

  • However, a suspended ceiling can provide better sound insulation, but in the case of beamed ceilings, this approach is definitely recommended. They need special suspension systems called spring clip hangers or acoustic swing hangers. The tops of the hangers are bolted to the ceiling at regular intervals, then
    The lower parts are hung and attached to the wooden support slats (screw on both sides).

  • Cross battens are screwed crosswise to the slats, under all contacts of the slats up and come to the wall insulation strips. On the counter battens come the cladding panels. Whenever a series of panels is fitted, the space between the panel and the support slat is completely filled with insulating material. A similar construction is also available with a support structure made of metal profiles. If a suspended structure would make the ceiling too low, there are also special ceiling tiles which are fixed directly to the ceiling with special retaining clips.

These measures do not absorb any noise, but they help quite well. Of course, if the sound is transmitted over the walls, the insulation under the ceiling helps only to a limited extent. If the noise is still too uncomfortable, then the walls would have to be insulated.
The false ceiling for fast craftsmen
When a
False ceiling inside an insulated unit should be confiscated only for the reason that you need more space, you may get by without an architect. The alternative is here: wooden ceiling on stands, so a kind of huge loft bed. Of course, you must also observe the laws of statics and have the construct calculated by a specialist if in doubt.
Basically, this is about attaching support beams to the wall on which support beams are then applied, which take up the new floor. For smaller constructions of this kind, there are many instructions on the Internet that you could convert to the size of your room. Even some soundproofing can be achieved by equipping this ceiling with a thick floor (for example, upright boards with insulation in between).
Editorial tips

  1. If the false ceiling has no other purpose than the sheer embellishment, you could also hang the blanket with fabric.
  2. Or you pull in a stretch ceiling, today you can buy finished strip systems for this rediscovered construct. By means of these, a film is stretched, which can realize every wish blanket from the dark red lacquer cover to the azure blue ceiling in matt structure.

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