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Where should the bike best be placed? This question is asked many cyclists again and again. Because once arrived at home, the bike is often in the way around. To make sure that this is no longer the case, it is advisable to build a bicycle shelter.
The ideas are countless here. It is possible, for example, that an old and no longer needed garden house is simply converted into a bicycle shelter. For this purpose, the door can be unhooked or widened so that the Unterstellen the wheel is even easier.
A bicycle shelter can also be built in other ways. For example, it is possible to hang a roof slope outdoors with a weatherproof tarpaulin, so that rain and cold can not attack the bikes and thus find space under the floor-to-floor house roof. However, if the house has another roof, this idea does not apply.
A bicycle shelter can also be built from wood itself, here you should note that the area for the bikes later but also big enough. Also made of glass can be a bicycle shelter. Then it looks particularly modern and is not so noticeable especially in already overcrowded gardens or courtyards. Here you can cut glass plates from the glass and then attach them, for example, with stainless steel posts along the existing house wall.
Maybe the glazier even left a few leftovers that are inexpensive or even free for home improvement takeaway. Even old scaffolding parts, which are particularly robust and are covered or covered with a corresponding formwork or a stable tarpaulin are a good idea for the bicycle shelter.
The ideas are endless here. It is important - no matter what you decide - but that the bike shelter is secured with a door and a lock, so that thieves have no chance and the bikes remain undamaged and not stolen.
The possibilities for building a bicycle shelter for ambitious and less ambitious DIY enthusiasts at a glance:
Of course, the experienced DIY enthusiast builds his own bicycle shelter himself, from individually self-assembled materials, building instructions are available on the Internet.
For the less experienced home improvement there are ready to buy kits for bicycle shelters, which then only need to be assembled. These are made of wood, always beautiful, if there are also garden furniture or wooden fence elements in your garden. However, there are kits for bicycle shelters made of weather-resistant treated metal, which have the advantage that you do not have to worry about weather protection.
Which of these variations you choose is a matter of design, wood usually looks a bit more rustic, while the metal bike shelters can be very elegant. Even combinations of both materials are offered, with metal profiles as load-bearing elements and walls made of wood, for example.
Of course, with both types of bicycle shelters you can choose from models of various sizes.
In addition, different accesses are offered, and maybe you can also use other interior elements, such as storage baskets or wall hooks. With very little manual work, you will get by, if you provide an existing bike rack with a roof, also for practical kits are offered. If you are not at home, just buy a fully finished bike box.
What you should consider when building a bicycle shelter and what benefits it brings you:

  • If home contents insurance or bicycle insurance should also be responsible for possible theft from the bicycle shelter, you should first coordinate your construction planning in writing with the insurance company, right up to the door security system used.
  • A proper bicycle garage is much more than just a stand for the bike, it includes a device for attaching or locking the bike, has a roof and a firmly anchored way to turn off the bike.
  • Compared to parking in the garage or basement, the bicycle shelter is a very comfortable alternative, you do not have to drag it or squeeze it anywhere, and the clothes do not get any chain fat.
  • The bicycle shelter will do your bike a lot, the less it is exposed to the weather, especially in winter, the longer it will last.
  • But even you could benefit, and with more fitness, the bike from the stand is used to experience much more than if it must first be brought from the basement.
If you've decided on a building system, there are usually more options available to equip your property: Most are offered in the same style, several kits, maybe one for a screen, or a shed, or a carport.

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