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Blueberries - Blueberries - Vaccinium myrtillu

The ideal time to plant the shrubs is either autumn or spring. Thus, container goods can be planted in both seasons, rootless goods, however, should usually be cultivated in the garden bed in the fall. Which shrubs are purchased here in the garden trade, is always a cost issue, because containerized goods is usually much more expensive than the cheaper root roots or bales. These must also be used immediately on the day of purchase, at the latest the next day, the container goods, however, can also be left for several days if it is watered regularly. Otherwise, the following should be noted at the ideal time:
  • do not wait too long with the fall planting
  • Plant should grow before the first frost
  • therefore, choose older plants for autumn planting
  • Do not plant too early in the spring, when frost is still to be expected
  • but before the first shoot
  • Ideal is a covered day without sun and rain
Tip: In the planting year, especially when the shrubs are planted in the spring, all flowers should be removed so that the berry can root first. If she forms flowers at the same time, she puts all her power in the flower, the plant could wither away.


Since the soil usually has to be prepared before planting the shrubs, some tools are needed, which should be provided in advance. Because the larger a garden bed is, in which the blueberries are planted, the more work brings the preparation. So the following tool is needed for the preparation of the soil as well as for planting:
  • spade
  • shovel
  • wheelbarrow
  • garden fork
  • watering Can
  • alternatively hose connected to rainwater collecting basin
Spades and shovels are needed to excavate the earth and possibly dig it up. The earth can be carted off with the provided wheelbarrow if it is excess, since only part of the substrate is to be used and mixed. The garden fork is well suited for the compost and peat. Since it is not allowed to pour with calcareous water, collected rainwater must be used, which can be taken with the watering can of the rain barrel. Advanced gardeners have a large rainwater catch basin that is tubed.
Tip: Please do not connect the garden hose for watering the blueberries to a municipal water connection. Often, the water is very calcareous, which can vary greatly from community to community. But the contained lime always hurts. If you do not have rainwater, you should filter the tap water first and pour it with a pot.

Preparation / soil

Blueberries - Blueberries - Vaccinium myrtillu

The blueberries are classified in the same plant category as rhododendron. This means, above all, that a calcareous soil is poison for the tasty berry plant. So the soil at the site should rather be sour with a pH between 3.5 and 4.5. If you do not know the soil conditions at the selected location, you can quickly determine them by a quick pH test from the well-stocked gardening trade. To obtain the desired acidic soil for the blueberries, proceed as follows:
  • Dig soil in the entire garden bed
  • up to 40 cm deep
  • then fill in azalea or rhododendron earth
  • alternatively mix garden soil with a lot of peat and sand
  • fold in a little compost of spruce needles
  • Sawdust made of untreated wood
  • Composted tree bark and foliage
If the soil in the entire garden is usually very calcareous, then the garden bed with the prepared soil for the blueberries must be additionally protected by a raised wall of garden soil is created around the bed. It is thus possible to prevent the lime from the surrounding earth from reaching the blueberry bed with the rainwater, where it is absorbed by the roots.
Tip: An increased lime content in the soil is indicated by the plants with yellow leaves. The bushes do not grow anymore. Too much lime usually interferes with the absorption of iron by the roots.

planting distance

Unlike the wild blueberries, the blueberry crops that are planted in the native gardens require more space. When setting up the bed for the tall shrubs, it is especially important to ensure that there is enough space between the plants to be able to walk and pick well. In addition, the roots of the plants should not hinder each other. So the ideal planting distance looks like this:
  • between the individual rows a distance of 2.5 meters
  • Place individual plants in the rows at a distance of about 1.5 meters
  • a correspondingly large garden bed is required
  • for several bushes of tasty berries
  • if there is little space, only two plants can be cultivated
  • so you do not have to do without the tasty berries
However, a single blueberry in the garden is not a good decision, because the bushes do not like to be alone. In addition, the harvest yield is significantly higher in at least two plants of different varieties by cross-pollination.
Tip: Blueberries are flat-rooters, so the planting hole needs to be dug rather broadly and not so much in depth.


If the suitable location has been found and the soil has been processed here, it may be due to the planting of the blueberries. For this purpose, the holes are easily dug in the appropriate planting distance. The plants should not be placed too deep in the ground with the roots, so it makes more sense to dig the holes better wide than too deep. Against any waterlogging, a drainage can be created in every planting hole. Since the blueberries do not tolerate lime, stones or gravel as a drainage base should be better avoided. Potsherds are the better choice in this case. These are laid out on the bottom of the plant hole before the shrubs are used. In this case, the procedure is as follows:
  • Do not use shrubs too deep
  • Above all, the roots also need oxygen
  • Carefully and loosely fill in the prepared soil
  • do not congeal
  • better shake the shrub again so that soil spreads well
  • pour well with collected rainwater
  • lay mulch around the plants
  • so they are protected from any possible frost
  • Earth stays moist longer
Blueberries are heather plants that should not be planted too deeply. Because they react very sensitively, it can happen that the roots die off because they do not get enough oxygen. Therefore, the shrubs should only be used so deep that the root ball with the top edge should still look out about one or two centimeters from the raised earth.


Blueberries - Blueberries - Vaccinium myrtillu

As a rule, the blueberries should get their right location right from the beginning. Because a transplanting of shrubs should not be made in the rule. If this has to happen once, for example because too much lime has been accumulated in the soil, then the following instructions should be observed:
  • only possible up to the age of about four to five years
  • if yields are already expected, do not transplant
  • carefully remove the plants from the soil
  • remove all soil from the roots
  • water well
  • Plant in a new location with prepared soil
  • performed in spring, remove all flowers
If the shrubs are transplanted in the spring, then this means that no harvest is expected this year, because the flowers must all be removed so that the plant can concentrate on re-rooting. Therefore, it is always advisable to plant the shrubs from the beginning to a suitable location.
Quite simply it is not to cultivate the tasty blue or blueberries in your own garden. Already when planting and in the soil condition as well as the location must be taken care of many different things here. And a lot of space needs several shrubs in a large bed. But those who do not want to miss out on the delicious fruits in the garden, can put only two single bushes in a corner with prepared soil. Here, the later care then not quite as extensive as in a large garden with many shrubs. Since blueberries are very productive, even from the harvest of a single shrub several tasty blueberry muffins can be baked. If blueberries or blueberries are planted in the right location and well cared for, the plants can reach an age of up to thirty years, in which they always bring good yields.

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