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What is more beautiful for nature lovers than watching the birds in the bird feeder in the garden? To keep it that way, birds need our help, because the natural habitats and food sources are constantly getting smaller. However, with its own bird feeder, birdbath, nesting boxes and suitable breeding and berry trees, you can do a great deal for bird protection in your own garden.

The right location for a bird feeder

For the bird feeder you need a dry place in the partial shade, for example under an open garden shed. So that the birdies do not become one during their meal, one should protect the bird feeder from predators such as cats or martens and therefore place them on a place as clear as possible for the feathered friends. However, there should be trees or bushes close by that help the birds to retreat. The bird feeder itself should have a roof to protect it from moisture and snow and be easy to clean. In order to avoid food addiction, it is advantageous if the bird feeder has a larger floor area. Of course you have free choice in the design. Whether classic, modern, for hanging, for setting up or feeding pillars: In the meantime, there are bird feeders for every taste. We introduce you to some interesting models.

Bird feeder to set up

If you want to place your feeding house on a pole, it should be at least 1.50 meters from the ground and should be kept as free as possible so that sneaking cats do not have too easy a game.

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