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Building a bird house yourself is not difficult - the benefit for domestic birds, on the other hand, is enormous. Especially at wintertime, the animals do not find enough food and are looking forward to a little help. At the same time you lure birds in your garden and can watch them well. Our bird house idea is based on the remnants of rain gutters, which are converted into roof and feeding trough, as well as a simple wooden frame. Here are the instructions step by step.

Build birdhouse from gutter and wood yourself

Material for a birdhouse

The material for the self-built birdhouse, most hobbyists have at home

For our home-made birdhouse, four thin round bars are inserted between two side panels, two of which hold the feeding trough and two serve as seating for the birds. Two supports, which are screwed vertically to the side parts, hold the roof. The special feature of this bird house: The food tray can be easily removed and cleaned. The measurements are indicative, which are mainly based on the used pieces of the gutter. According to your wishes and existing material, adjust the parts accordingly. You need this:

  • 1 remaining gutter with edges bent inwards (length: 50 cm, width: 8 cm, depth: 6 cm)
  • hacksaw
  • Grinder or sanding paper
  • sandpaper
  • pencil
  • Meterstab
  • 1 narrow wooden strip for spreading the gutter (60 cm long)
  • 1 board for the side parts of 40 cm length and a width that corresponds at least to the radius of the gutter plus about 3 cm
  • wood saw
  • Wood drill, 8 mm + 2 mm diameter
  • 1 narrower wooden strip for the roof supports (26 cm long)
  • 1 roundwood stick, 1 m long, 8 mm in diameter
  • wood glue
  • Weather Protection Stain
  • 4 wood screws with countersunk head
  • 2 small eyelets
  • 2 key rings
  • 1 sisal rope

Step 1: sawing, smoothing, spreading

Spread the gutter apart with wooden strips

Spread the gutter apart with wooden strips

First saw with the metal saw from the gutter a 20 centimeter long feed trough and a second, longer piece with 26 centimeters for the roof of the bird house. Then smooth the cut edges with a fine sandpaper. To spread the gutter for the feeding trough saw with the wooden saw from the narrow wooden strip two pieces (here 10.5 centimeters) and for the roof three pieces (here 12.5 centimeters) from. These sections slide into the respective channel so that it is brought into the desired shape.

Step 2: sawing the sides, marking, pre-drilling the holes and rounding off the edges

Draw holes and curves on the sawn boards

Sand off side parts all the way around

Draw holes and curves on the sawn boards (left) and sand the sides around (right)

Cut the two side pieces out of the board. Place the head end of the feeding trough on a side panel and use a pencil to mark the two points where the rods will later be attached to hold the trough; with two further points mark the holes for the two perches. Of course, the side parts can also remain angular, we have rounded them and therefore also drawn the curves with the pencil. Drill vertical holes in the diameter of the round logs, here eight millimeters, at the marked points. So the bird house does not warp later. The pre-marked corners are sawn off round as desired and finally, like all edges, smoothed with the grinder or by hand.

Step 3: Cut the middle strips, sand and fasten them to the side pieces

Fix the strips to the side parts with screws

The strips are fastened with screws to the side parts

As supports for the roof of the birdhouse, you can now cut two strips of 13 centimeters each and grind them at one end to match the channel for the roof. Screw the finished strips in the middle with the wood screws on the side parts, the rounded ends point upwards, the straight ends close flush with the edge of the side parts. Before screwing together, drill all parts with the thin wood drill so that the wood of the strips does not split.

Step 4: Insert wooden sticks and varnish all parts

Fix the cut round wooden sticks with wood glue in the holes

Paint all wooden parts with a weatherproof and harmless for animals glaze

Fix the cut round wooden sticks with wood glue in the holes (left). Then paint all wooden parts with a weather-proof and harmless glaze (right)

Now cut four roundwood sticks: two as a holder for the feeding trough and two as perches. You calculate the length of the four bars from the length of the feed trough plus the material thickness of both side parts plus about 2 millimeters added. This addition allows you later to insert and remove the feeding trough. Strictly to our measures, the length is thus a total of 22.6 centimeters. These roundwoods are now fixed with wood glue in the predrilled holes. Excess glue can be wiped off immediately or sanded off after drying.Once you have done that, paint all the wooden parts of the birdhouse with weather-resistant glazes that are harmless from a health point of view. Do not forget the expanding woods.

Step 5: Drill holes in the roof and secure with key rings on the frame

Key rings for hanging the bird house

Clever detail: The ropes on the roof of the birdhouse are ideal for attaching ropes and can be replaced if necessary

After the glaze has dried, mark the two points on the roof where the supports for the roof are fixed. Then drill the corresponding holes in gutter and columns with a thin drill bit. Now screw the roof and wooden frame on both sides with a screw eyelet. Turn a keyring into each eyelet. Thread a piece of sisal rope to hang the required length through the eyelets and knot the ends. Hang up the birdhouse, for example on a branch. Finally, insert the feeding trough and fill - and the home-made bird house is ready!
Tip: You can also build the birdhouse out of a PVC pipe that you can cut lengthwise. The shape will be slightly different, and you do not need the expanding woods.

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