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Birds are a part of a garden. Whether house sparrows, titmice, starlings, blackbirds, robins and redstart, swallows, nightingales, greenfinches or or or, the chirping and industrious impulses of nimble fellows is always beautiful and reassuring. Instead of just watching the animals for a short time, you can also do a lot to make you feel at home in the garden and maybe even settle down. With appropriate nesting boxes and birdhouses you can make life easier for the animals.
Our gardens today often have a major disadvantage for animals. They are too tidy. We humans love the order, dispose of every dead tree and clear away all leaves completely. But animals need that. It is her habitat. Even birds are suffering from our disorder of order. In dead trees they find plenty of food and also nesting grounds or material. Many species of birds have already disappeared from some areas because they simply do not find any good living conditions there anymore.
Small gardens hardly provide a way to set up a natural corner for animals and birds. This is much easier in large gardens. However, there is always the possibility to help birds, whether breeding and raising their offspring or feeding in winter.
What can you do for birds in the garden?
Nesting boxes can be hung almost anywhere. You do not need big trees. On house and shed walls, in the hedge, everywhere the nesting aids can be placed. Of course you have to know for which bird you want a nesting box. The individual species have different wishes for the box. Also where and how high it is attached is crucial. You can have the best bird's nest, if it hangs in the wrong height, the animals do not go in there. So you have to pay attention.
It's just the same with feeding birdhouses. Also, they are better accepted, they are properly sized and placed or hung. Again, the birds have their wishes. Just as with the nest boxes, there is a lot to consider when feeding. What do the individual species like and need? Not every garden owner knows his way around. If you feed wrongly, the little flying acrobats can get sick and in the worst case even die. Who wants that? It is better to inform yourself!
Interesting facts about nesting boxes and birdhouses
In this section, we have collected all the information you need about birds, their wishes regarding the nest box and the bird house. So if you want to do something good for your "birdies" in the garden, then you should make a smart start here. It does not make much sense to just buy a nesting box at the discount store when they are being offered, without knowing that the right species of birds that would go in there are in my garden at all? What are the actual requirements of the birds that are already native there?
Inform yourself! The birds in your garden will thank you!

Bird houses for various bird species: nesting

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