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Bird protection net: costs + attachment - protect cherries from birds: bird

Cherries are usually among the first fruits in the garden. Unfortunately, not only do we humans find the red fruit very tasty, many birds then populate the tree and in the worst case destroy the crop. In contrast, the attachment of a bird protection net around the crown of the tree helps. What this costs and how easy a network can be independently installed is explained below.

Bird protection net criteria

A good bird protection net that meets the requirements can already be available in the internet trade or in the well-stocked garden trade. These nets are usually made of a tear-resistant material, such as plastic and give way easily. In addition, they are UV-resistant, so that even stronger solar radiation does not cause the material to tire. The square nets must be tight and large enough for the entire treetop. So the bird protection net for a cherry tree should look like this:
  • square, measure length before
  • close-meshed, ideal are stitches of the highest 25 x 25 mm
  • may also be smaller
  • the net has to move well
  • something like a light blanket or a sheet
  • only then can it rest around the crown

Adapt network

Bird protection net Currant

Before buying, the circumference of the crown of the cherry tree should be estimated or measured. The calculation of what size the network must have is calculated as follows:
  • Tighten the rope around the crown
  • Be very careful here
  • otherwise the fruits will be injured and fall off
  • divide the length of the rope by four
  • a bird protection net is always square
  • by the Umspannen and sharing a side length was determined
  • the width of the network should still be more generous
A sample calculation:
  • measured with the rope a circumference of ten meters
  • one side has 2.5 meters
  • 2.5 meters by 2.5 meters results in a square footprint of 6.25 square meters
It is then ideal to expect a little extra and choose a network of 7 square meters. So the appropriate network can be worried. For cherry trees, it is important that the mesh size here is not more than 25 x 25 mm, since the birds could steal the fruits through the net with larger meshes. Even smaller birds have no way to get through the mesh to the fruit.
Tip: The work for measuring should be carried out in pairs, especially with larger cherry trees, it is otherwise not possible as a single person to span the crown with the rope. Another option, however, is to tie the rope carefully at the starting point and then measure the crown all around.

The right moment

Of course, before applying a bird protection net over the crown of a cherry tree, the question arises when this is the right time. Even before the shoot, so that not so much is destroyed or only later. So for the right time the following should be strictly observed:
  • Protect cherry tree first with net when flowering over
  • the flowers are very sensitive
  • would be destroyed when moored
  • also do not apply before flowering
  • because the flowers must be pollinated
  • the net prevents the bees from approaching
  • a crop would fail
  • Birds do not like the green fruits
  • these are therefore still subject to natural protection
  • The beginning of May is the ideal time
Tip: Of course, at the right time, care must also be taken to see if it is early or late cherries. Therefore, the timing for creating the bird protection network can vary slightly from tree to tree.

Procedure for creating

When creating the bird protection net, as with measuring the crown with the rope, you should work in pairs. Especially with large trees with a spreading crown, many other unripe fruits could otherwise be damaged and fall off by the tearing and tearing. When creating the network, you should therefore proceed as follows:
  • two people facing each other
  • Take each net in one hand
  • Carefully over the tree pulling
  • if necessary, use ladders on tall trees
  • all leaves and fruits must be covered
  • otherwise the birds get into the tree from below
  • the net should therefore reach to the stem
  • here it can be fastened around the trunk
  • with binding wire or strings that are pulled through the bottom stitches
  • there must be no loopholes
Tip: If, in addition to the bird protection net, a human-like scarecrow is placed in close proximity to the cherry tree, this provides additional protection against the thieving birds. Because the smaller species of birds are afraid of humans. However, this does not apply to crows or ravens.

Remove bird protection net

Bird protection net strawberries

The net is removed again just before the harvest. Here, too, should work again to two and with great caution. The riper the cherries, the faster they fall off when they are touched by the net. Then the bird net can be cleaned with a hose and hung on a leash to dry. If it is dry and clean, it is carefully folded and stored for the next year in the basement or garden shed.
Tip: Since cherry trees like to be attacked by lice, the net can also have become sticky and dirty. Also dust from the air or the rain is established here. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the net so that it can be used again for many years.


Bird protection nets for cherry trees can easily be applied by yourself. Therefore, there are no costs for this. In addition, the purchase of a network for several years, since these are usually UV-resistant and therefore can be used for several years, without causing any cracks. With the nets themselves it depends on the respective costs for this which size they need. The bird protection nets are available in well-stocked garden shops, at a hardware store or at various online shops. The prices are as follows:
  • Net in the size of 4 x 4 meters is about 5.00 euros
  • the costs for this can also vary slightly
  • in the trade these are also offered up to 50.00 euros
  • In addition, there are the costs for the binding wire or a band
  • These are also in the frame and usually not higher than 5.00 euros for all trees
All in all, the purchase of a bird protection network is not very expensive, so that quite a few trees can be affordably protected.
Tip: The purchase in the garden shop or in the hardware store is recommended. Again, there are the cheap variants for a bird protection net, but the nets can be considered in advance and checked for strength. This is not possible with an online order when buying.

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