Bird repellent: with these means you banish birds from the balcony

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Although the birds and especially the pigeons in the first time can be deterred by noise. But if they do not change for a long time, the animals can get used to it and then take no notice. They land again on the balcony. Nevertheless, the following acoustic defense systems can be used as they are changed week by week:
  • hang small bells
  • barking
  • Cries of birds of prey
  • a loud bang, do not use at regular intervals
Tip: Especially different sounds, which are to ward off the birds, can also burden the people very much. Therefore, it should be considered in advance whether the acoustic defense systems should be used. Especially in an apartment building this should be better avoided for reasons of good neighborliness.

Garlands, aluminum or mirror foil

Birds are put off when it flutters, glitters or mirrors on the balcony. These light reflections can also be easily created with decorations on the balcony and are therefore not only effective but also provide a decorative sight. Especially for balconies on the south side of the house, these funds are suitable because here on nice days all the time the sun can fall on the objects and thus the light reflections are increasingly generated. The following items are suitable for keeping birds from the balcony:
  • Rosenkugeln
  • Balls of plastic or glass
  • can be found in the garden shop in the decoration department
  • are put in the flower boxes
  • Hang strips of aluminum foil
  • wind and sun create light reflections
  • Even colorful balloons and garlands can scare off the birds
  • These are hung up and blow in the wind
  • However, air-filled balloons need to be renewed frequently
Tip: But even with this measure, a little caution is required. For example, if the house is located on a busy street, the light reflections could dazzle motorists and thus more accidents happen.

Avoid reflections

There are birds who see a strange species in their own reflection, for example in the glass of the balcony door or a window on the balcony. Therefore, the birds are attracted by the reflections and land more on the balcony. But even here, effective remedies can be created:
  • cover the lower part of the disc
  • with foil, fabric or cardboard
  • often does not look very decorative
  • Keep outside blinds down for several days
  • Embellish window outside with decoration spray
Tip: However, if the birds persist and fly the disc on the balcony again and again, then also helps a mesh or fly screen, which is mounted in front of the disc.

Destroy nests and eggs

The nests as well as the eggs of pigeons may be removed from the private balcony. However, this does not apply to songbirds or swallows if they have already settled down. Corners where swallows like nesting should therefore be prepared in advance in such a way that they are unattractive for nesting birds. Against the pigeon nests, however, can and should be done as follows:
  • Dispose of nests again and again
  • so the pigeons lose the desire to build
  • Eggs may be disposed of
  • it can also be called to the aid of a specialist

Do not kill birds


All birds, not only the songbirds but also pigeons are under protection and therefore may not be killed, Even if the pigeons can transmit diseases and are often called the "rats of the air", the animals must not be harmed. This is enshrined in the Nature Conservation Act and in the case of infringement, fines of not insignificant amount can be imposed.

Be careful when cleaning

If the birds have been effectively displaced, the balcony must be cleaned from bird droppings. Because this is very aggressive and attacks the masonry as well as the flooring massively. Also, the balcony furniture must be subjected to a cleaning, so that there are no unsightly stains. But just pigeon droppings is very harmful to health. Therefore, the following precautions should be followed when cleaning:
  • always wear gloves
  • Wear surgical mask
  • otherwise the smallest particles will be inhaled during cleaning
  • sturdy shoes, do not work barefoot
  • after cleaning spray disinfectant
  • so all bacteria and viruses are killed


The birds like to settle down where they find food, albeit often unconsciously by the resident of the apartment with adjoining balcony. Because who hangs a birdhouse on the balcony, should not be surprised, if this is not only served by Rotkelchen or tits, which it should reach as a rule.Above all, pigeons and sparrows are lured by this, but since these two species of birds usually occur in droves, an ingestion of the balcony is already pre-programmed by these birds. But there are also other aspects that attract the birds and should therefore be avoided:
  • Leftovers on balcony do not leave
  • also remove crumbs on table and floor directly
  • do not hang birdballs in winter
  • do not offer nesting sites
  • offer both better away from the house

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